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blondehair · 08/04/2017 19:22

would be nice to see other people's bumps and how far along you are.

24+4. (Not the best photo I know) xx

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ColourfulOrangex · 08/04/2017 20:32

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

blondehair · 08/04/2017 20:42

@ColourfulOrangex - awh! We must be due around the same time. Is this your first baby? ๐Ÿ˜Š It's so exciting xx

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MamaTT · 08/04/2017 20:46

This is mine yesterday at 25+5. Due 17th July. I feel enormous! I'm still running and going to the gym, and am careful with my diet generally but I seem to be getting wider too!

ColourfulOrangex · 08/04/2017 20:49

@blondehair no this is my second (and last) is this your first?

Oh look lots of July babies Grin

blondehair · 08/04/2017 20:52

@MamaTT ahhh! I didn't start to really notice anything there until the last few weeks. A lot of people didn't even know I was pregnant unless I told them haha. I've started growing very quickly now tho!

@ColourfulOrangex yes this is my first baby. I don't really know what to expect but I can't wait.

I'm due July 25th. I feel like it's flying by now ๐Ÿ˜

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Bangkokbaby · 08/04/2017 20:56

I wouldn't post pics of your baby bumps ladies. There are some right pervs out there taking photos off Facebook and social media of pregnant mums and posting them on porn sites. It's a pregophillia thing. They often start threads asking ladies to post pics of their bumps just so they can get off on them! I'm not suggesting that the op is doing this as this, but I'm so weary of these kinds of threads!

MamaTT · 08/04/2017 20:56

My stomach was still pretty much flat (at flat as it'll ever be anyway) until 18 weeks. I seem to be getting bigger every day now! This is my 3rd DC. I already have DD(7) and DS(6). Do you guys know if you're having boys or girls? I'm having another girl!

blondehair · 08/04/2017 20:58

I'm just a girl asking about other pregnancies... Defo NOT a perv!

I'm having a little boy. Everyone said they thought it was going to be a girl but I always had a feeling it was going to be a boy from the start. I wouldn't have minded either way tho.

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ColourfulOrangex · 08/04/2017 21:01

Oh really bangkokbaby? I didn't know that was a thing Shock

I'm having a little girl, I have a DS (6) he was so glad to be getting a sister

blondehair · 08/04/2017 21:04

@ColourfulOrangex I'd never heard of it either, had to google it to see if it was even real.

Can't wait to meet baba tho. Have you ladies started buying things yet? And thought of any names? I've got most of the main stuff but am completely stuck on names.

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MamaTT · 08/04/2017 21:18

We are down to two names - either Josie or Ivy. I think we will end up calling her Josie. The kids are calling her Josie already, it just seems to have stuck.
I've bought pram and car seat and some vests, baby grows etc. Currently on the laptop ordering a crib and breast pump and bottles. We're currently renovating a house we've just bought but don't think it'll be ready before baby is born so trying to limit the stuff I buy to essentials only for now as space is so limited in the current house! When I had the other two, their nurserys were finished by the time I was 20 weeks so I feel very unorganised this time! We need to get a bigger car too and haven't even started looking into that yet. We're bloody useless! DP is going away for a week when I'll be 34 weeks and I want everything bought and ready and assembled by then.

blondehair · 08/04/2017 21:29

They're so nice names! I really like them both. I seem to go off every name I think off after a couple of days at the moment! So annoying. OH and everyone else keeps saying names but it's just the same really. I'm sort of liking Callum and Mickey at the moment but it probably won't be for long haha.

I've managed to get the pram, cot, some clothes and my mum surprised me with a Moses basket in the post which was nice. We're having to keep everything in the shed and under our bed at the moment so it's starting to become a bit of a struggle now as everything comes in big boxes.
OH is in the army too and is being posted to a town a few hours away in June so wel be moving then! Not very idea but there's nothing we can do about it unfortunately. I'm just going to make sure we have everything for then and then we will just have to make do while we settle in x

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