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Reduced movement

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TwinkleStars15 · 07/04/2017 10:11

Hi all,

So I'm a bit confused about reduced movements and when to seek advice...yesterday my little one (28 weeks) was very quiet and I didn't really feel her much at all. It was a busy day at work and when I got home I couldn't really recall if I'd felt her and how often, so focused on her all evening. I didn't feel her move much at all and went to bed really worried. I woke up loads in the night and eventually got up at 4am to sit in the sofa and focus on her for an hour. I had some cold milk and a cake! I got quite upset and was on the verge of calling maternity but she gave me one small kick but only because I poked and prodded her! This morning she's been more active in the last hour than she was all day yesterday. So should I have gone in yesterday? I feel like a bad mum for not getting her checked out Sad but today she seems to be okay? I'm going to keep an eye on her for the next few hours though....

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DuggeeHugs · 07/04/2017 10:21

If it happens like that again, or you feel worried like that again, just call them - they really won't mind and having a check will put your mind at ease Smile

You're not a bad mum at all - it is hard to know when to call, especially if it's your first and especially as we're normally expected not to make a fuss in life. Luckily, the whole 'don't make a fuss' mentality we're given normally doesn't apply here! Because it isn't making a fuss - you have a legitimate concern and are getting it checked. Most women who get checked find their baby is fine, just having a quiet day, and my midwife says this makes the midwives happy because they want all to be well.

We had several monitoring sessions last time - DC would go very very quiet but as soon as they strapped the monitor on it'd be nothing but kicks the whole time. The relief was always worth any perceived embarrassment at being a nuisance.

FeelingForSnow · 07/04/2017 12:44

As previous op said. If it happens again call you MAU. They do indeed have quiet days but nobody knows if today is just a quiet day or it is a day when the movements are reduced because the baby is in distress.
Unfortunately, there isn't anything that will assure you of you haven't been to the hospital.
I have been many, many times. I have lost count now but my baby is also measuring very tiny for her age hence I don't think twice anymore.
And you will find that some midwives are nicer, some are brilliant and some will make you feel like a poo.
Please ignore that, brush them off and think about your baby and your baby only.
If you want to be reassured call them and go no matter what time of day it is they are there 24/7.
Latest I have gone is at 9pm after trying all the tricks to make her move.
It was fine at the end.
They also have a consultant available (might need to wait if they are in the theatre) but if something is unusual you will be looked after straight away.
And don't feel like a bad mum. I know the feeling when you're not sure and don't want to be a burden or appear paranoid or what else not.
But this is that one time where you should not wait till tomorrow and see how things are. It sadly can be too late then.
It is a very stressful time. This is a third time for me and I can't say that it gets easier because each baby is different and you can't say that things were ok with my first hence I have no need to worry about this one.

welshweasel · 07/04/2017 12:52

My maternity unit always used to say if you're sat at home worrying you should be on the phone to them! I had one day of reduced movement at 28 weeks which turned out to be the first warning sign that things weren't normal with my baby. Thankfully I got looked at and continued to be monitored closely and delivered a healthy baby at 35 weeks. I spent an awful lot of time being monitored on the assessment ward and never once heard anyone being told off for ringing up or coming in to be checked.

harleysmammy · 07/04/2017 13:54

My mau said never to sleep on a worry, so if it happens again go in they won't mind! I'm sill confused on when to get checked and I'm 36 weeks, I have been in 18 times for low movement (but I have anterior placenta and extra fluid so it's harder to feel) and even though I feel like a melon, they never mind monitoring me. It's so hard knowing when to worry or not though because some babies, including mine, have quiet days and crazy days, but if you have any worry at all no matter how small, phone them.

Btw, you aren't a bad mother at all!! X

TwinkleStars15 · 07/04/2017 16:18

What a lovely bunch of ladies you are! I should definitely have gone in just to be on the safe side, I'd never forgive myself if something happened because I wasn't sure whether to or not, and didn't want to make a fuss, so thank you for your advice. She's much more active today which has reassured me but I will keep an eye on her, yesterday was so stressful and worrying I don't want to go though that again. You're right that in life we are taught not to fuss and just get on with things!

Good luck with your babies xx

OP posts:
DuggeeHugs · 07/04/2017 17:45

I'm so pleased she's back to normal activity today Smile Pregnancy can be so worrying at times!

Good luck to you too Flowers

haveacupoftea · 07/04/2017 20:31

I have spent manys a day fretting over movement but not confident enough that i'm actually not feeling anything to go to MAU so you certainly arent alone!

TwinkleStars15 · 07/04/2017 22:03

Such a confusing time isn't it... Based on how much she is moving today, she was definitely a lot quieter yesterday and I should probably have gone in. I know next time what I should do. Any ideas why she was so quiet for the whole day and is back to her normal self today? I did have a bit of a tummy ache, do you think that might be related - do our little ones get poorly if we're poorly??

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