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False Labour?

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Jemimapiddleduck · 07/04/2017 00:10

I'm 34 weeks

I had diarrhoea all last night along with a bit of nausea.

I've been having Brixton hicks for ages and very frequently (normal for my previous pregnancies)

I had the normal Brixton hicks last night but these were far more painful - however not low down. They were regular then petered off. They were enough for me to grab the bed and breathe through.

Ended up falling asleep - today the diarrhoea has gone but I'm still getting these painful contraction like things (theybdont last for as long as expected and seem to start as a peak rather than build up)

I went to over 42 weeks with my previous pregnancies and was induced...

How many contraction type pains per hour should I look out for? Really can't be bothered driving the two hour trip to the hospital with two kids only to be turned away..

OP posts:
Jemimapiddleduck · 07/04/2017 19:48

Good idea - I'm trying really hard to keep my fluids up.

Will let you all know what happens one I've been to the dr

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Upyourdaisy · 08/04/2017 19:27

How did gp appointment go jemima?

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