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How much itching is normal!

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JonSnowsWhore · 06/04/2017 23:28

My legs itch like mad! & they do every single evening, I'll have to scratch all over my legs constantly which leaves marks. My arms are a bit itchy too but not as much.

Obviously I've heard about OC but have also heard that that's mainly itching on the hands & feet, & that 'mild itching' isn't a problem. But what's mild & what isn't!!

It's driving me mad every evening but trying not to do my usual over reacting & run off to the Drs to be told it's nothing

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Rya2710 · 06/04/2017 23:37

Phone your midwife as soon as you can, I have itching all over my legs and it's literally unbearable but I thought that because it wasn't on my hands and feet that it couldn't be OC, I'm now at the hospital every week for blood tests and checks on the baby:-( it could be nothing but it's best to get it checked just incase! :-) (plus they can prescribe you creams which help a little bit!) Xxxxx

JonSnowsWhore · 06/04/2017 23:50

Ah no sorry to hear that, are they managing to keep it under control with you?

Was your itching all night or just at certain times of the day? Any other symptoms? My older 2 are going to their dads tomorrow so I'll call the midwives in the morning & see if I can sort anything for tomorrow without having to drag them with me

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Rya2710 · 07/04/2017 02:19

Yeah thankfully everything is okay:-) so far my bloods have been okay but I have to go in weekly to keep checking them incase anything changes and also because the itching hasn't stopped. I find that the itching starts in the evening and carries on for most of the night:-( I just have intense itching and feeling completely knackered all the time, luckily they gave me some cream and stuff to put in the bath which has started to help a little bit, give them a call and see what they say, hopefully they'll be able to help and give you a bit of relief! Xxxx

Teabagtits · 07/04/2017 02:27

I have terribly itchy legs (it's why I'm awake right now) but blood tests showed no OC. I was given dermacool to put on which is brilliant stuff(infused with menthol so makes your legs feel cold) and it takes the immediate itch away. I was told it was likely just hormones and stretching skin. I think my legs can detect changes in weather and that's when they get worse...

deluxetrolley · 07/04/2017 02:58

I had extreme itching last pregnancy, mainly in the evenings and at night, but touch wood this time it's only been minor. I remember trying to explain just how bad it was to the midwife and they said because it wasn't my hands and feet that I shouldn't be concerned. Anyway, in the end I had a normal pregnancy, birth and baby so maybe the itching can get pretty bad with nothing to worry about!

Whatnextwally · 07/04/2017 03:10

How far along are you? Please do get it checked, I had OC, and although it did sometimes itch on my hands and feet, the overall feeling was itching anywhere in the evening/night, it could vary. I was monitored every week, and once my bile levels increased I was given drugs that helped and monitored more often (it took four weeks before my bile levels to increase, which is not uncommon).

JonSnowsWhore · 07/04/2017 09:19

I'm 30+4

It seems to stop during the night, it can be there a bit during the day but the evenings, oh god! It's like my skin is crawling with something.

I'll give someone a ring today, TBH from what I've been reading I'm not happy for them to say I should leave it because it's not on my hands & feet, I think for the sake of a blood test I should just get it checked out even if it ends up being nothing!

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