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No Line Progression

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Sarah2406 · 06/04/2017 20:52

Im new here and joined because I needed to ask a question. On 11dpo, I got a faint positive in the morning and a "PREGNANT 1-2" on a clear blue digital. Also did a clear blue normal test, faint but easy to see. Yesterday at 12dpo, morning test was the same darkness, maybe slightly lighter. Clear blue digital was the same and clear blue normal was slightly lighter, barely visable. Today at 13dpo, FMU test was more faint than the days before, a squinter. I took another cheap test with the same urine, just used less (i wasnt over soaking according to instructions) and it was darker, yet not dark.

Does it seem like I may be having a chemical pregnancy?
Ive had no cramps or bleeding, period was due yesterday and no sign.
Im over thinking massively but I just don't know any explanation.
Did you have light tests up to 13dpo? Is line progression important?
Help me keep calm that I am not miscarrying!

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LoveDeathPrizes · 06/04/2017 20:55

Oh I know the stress well.

I would say 13dpo is still very early to worry about line progression. The amount of Hcg is still so small that all kinds of things can make it fluctuate. As long as you're not bleeding or cramping, I wouldn't question it too much just yet.

Good luck and tentative congratulations!!!!

Sarah2406 · 06/04/2017 21:01

Thank you ^
That has really helped Smile

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