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16 weeks

17 replies

Laurad04 · 03/04/2017 07:12

Hi ladies, please can you give me what you felt at 16 weeks? I feel less pregnanr than in the first trimester. I've gone from lots of nausea and going to bed at 8 o'clock to energy levels increasing, no nausea last few days but more sore boobs! I know they say the 2nd trimester is meant to be better, but kind of not feeling very pregnant. I get the odd twinges lower tummy when I turn over or sneeze. please help!

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user1490291922 · 03/04/2017 07:26

I felt the exact same as you! I'm 17+4 and after my 15th week I just didn't feel pregnant anymore! I went from falling asleep at 9 every night to staying up until 11/11.30 and struggling to sleep! I was petrified something was wrong and booked in earlier with my midwife for my 16 week appointment and everything was fine! Baby's heartbeat was strong and healthy Smile I would say don't worry about it, and enjoy the extra energy you have whilst you have it!

Laurad04 · 03/04/2017 07:57

Oh thank you. I have a midwife appointment this Thursday, but at my first appointment she said she is really against dopplers. Do you think u can request it? Be nice to go and find out everything's ok.

What you've described above is exactly how I feel now. So strange how pregnant u can feel to not feeling very pregnant at all x

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annlee3817 · 03/04/2017 08:03

She'd be against using a doppler yourself at home, but not using them at your appointments, as they have to check the heartbeat at every appointment from 24 weeks onwards. Some places do check at 16 weeks, but not many as the heartbeat is harder to find when they are so small.

I booked a private scan for around 18 weeks, mainly because we wanted to find out the sex, but also like you once I got to a couple of weeks into the second trimester I didn't feel pregnant, I had very few symptoms to begin with so that didn't help. it's a long wait between the 12 week and 20 week scan when you feel that way.

Laurad04 · 03/04/2017 08:11

Maybe thats what she meant and you saying 24 weeks is exactly what she said. All my scan was ok a couple of weeks ago I felt great for a while after until now I feel better in myself and don't feel pregnant. I should just be greatfull to feel better really. Yes my second scan is when I will be 21 weeks because of the May Bank holiday so even longer. Hmmm might just book a private one as it's another 4 weeks away! How far gone are you? X

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GreenGoblin0 · 03/04/2017 08:43

it's totally normal to feel better in the second semester. enjoy it.

Tilly2017 · 03/04/2017 08:57

I can relate to not feeling pregnant during second trimester although my level of thirst is unreal... must be drinking close to 3 litres a day! Ive also got private scan booked at 18 weeks (next week) to make sure everything is ok as my hospital couldnt get me a 2 ultrasound appointment until i am 23/24 weeks gone... they are just so busy.

Lelly0503 · 03/04/2017 09:16

I could of written your post, in fact I did! I asked if anyone found the wait between the 12-20 week point weird as I basically didn't feel pregnant anymore as all the sickness stopped. I ended up getting a home Doppler. I know there's a risk you may not locate the heartbeat but we managed to after a little while and it was the only thing that kept me going xx

Laurad04 · 03/04/2017 15:16

Thanks green goblin.

TILLY - thats alot of fluid but definately good for you. 23 to 24 weeks now wonder you're going to go private I do not blame u. Hope all is well next week.

Lelly - Haha. It's a really long wa it isn't it, and then when the symptoms. I mentioned about getting a doppler but everyone seems really against them! Argh lol

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DaisyS91 · 03/04/2017 16:03

Laura I got a Doppler and we couldn't find the heartbeat. That meant a terrified rush to the hospital where it turned out she was fine. Just neither me and OH are midwives so didn't have a clue what we were doing. On the othe other hand a lot of people seem to take a lot of comfort from them.

arbrighton · 03/04/2017 17:31

As Daisy says, that's why they recommend against getting a doppler at home- you're not trained to use it and might panic/ worry if you can't find a heart beat.

You'll be feeling movement in the next few weeks anyway which helps as reassurance (or something to tolerate when they use your bladder as a trampoline)- I started feeling things that could have been flutters by the time I saw midwife at 17 weeks. She and I had the conversation about 'we don't routinely listen to heartbeat at this stage as some ladies panic if we can't find it' and I asked to try, knowing full well that if we couldn't find it, that didn't mean a problem. As it was, bean was loud and clear.

And seeing the heart beating on the 20 week scan (and the different chambers etc) was amazing

m33r · 04/04/2017 07:50

I think the reasons symptoms mostly go away is because the placenta kicks in so it is completely completely normal! Agree with private scans of you can afford one though. I really enjoyed two I had with DS1. Have had additional scans as standard on NHS this time due to medical issues so haven't bothered but I like the reassurance x

Laurad04 · 04/04/2017 20:13

Thank you lovely ladies. I think I'll give the home doppler a miss, just because I'll be a nervous wreck taking regular trips to the hospital if its a rubbish one and i can't find it.

I'm just going to have to sit tight and wait for my next scan on 2nd May.

It's because of what somebody told me that's made me worry. The more u think about every little thing the more u worry! X

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arbrighton · 04/04/2017 20:17

FWIW, midwife took ages (and three different positions) to find bean's heartbeat today at 27 weeks. But she did. And Bean did kick midwife after that so all fine, but it's hard even for the pros sometimes.

Everyone will have a horror story. But please please remember every pregnancy is different and every day things are OK is a day closer to a safe arrival

Lelly0503 · 04/04/2017 20:58

I was against getting one for all of the above reasons, then I was bought one as a present. I wasn't going to use it but was too tempted. The first time wasn't enjoyable- it took a while to find and then I spent hours googling the sounds on YouTube to see what it was meant to sound like. I have since used it a couple times for reassurance but it varies in how long it takes to find. I'm not getting bad anxiety about my 20 week scan and something bad being picked up xx

Lelly0503 · 04/04/2017 21:09

That should say I'm
Now getting anxiety x

Laurad04 · 14/04/2017 12:40

Forgot to do an update. The midwife didn't want to do the doppler until my next visit however, because I said I was concerned about people's comments over how small my bump was I asked for her to do it. I was relieved to hearour baby's heartbeat. My midwife is against home dopplers so I think I'll take her advice, and just look forward to our next scan on 2nd May 😊 x

OP posts:
Laurad04 · 03/01/2019 17:25

just revisiting this post for anyone that reads to say enjoy the 2nd trimester... i was worried I had loss of symptoms but i think for most its just how it should be. I now have a healthy 15 month old girl 😍

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