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What to put in a mum-to-be survival box??

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malibuandlemonade · 30/03/2017 23:03

Hi everyone!

I have a baby shower coming up and I've made a baby hamper but I'd really like to do the mum a "mum-to-be survival box" full of handy items/novelty items/gifts. I'm very stuck on what to put in it.

Would did you want when you was an expectant mother or what would you have liked to received?

Thanks in advance! Smile

OP posts:
ScarletSienna · 30/03/2017 23:08

I did similar for a friend but more for when the baby was just born. I put in face wipes, hair ties, a nice looking water bottle, sweets, notepad and pens, book, slipper socks, lip balm, hand cream and that's all I can remember off the top of my head! I put it in a box type thing that she could have next to her when feeding or whatever.

sweetchilli77 · 30/03/2017 23:20

Depends on budget?
Nice bubble bath, candles? Voucher to have hair or nails done? Face masks. Anything to make her feel pampered sounds good.
Nice cooling foot gel.


doleritedinosaur · 30/03/2017 23:29

A water bottle with a lid/straw, travel mug,
Nice hand cream & lip balm
Teething necklace if a decent budget
Andrex toilet wipes
Water wipes for baby
Nice shower gel
Nice smelly candle
One of the unmumsy mum books or hurrah for Gin
Pair of fleecy socks
Pack of muslins

This is what I'm doing for my friend who is having her first as it's all stuff I've used/bought & it's things you don't think of until you need it. The books make me laugh at 3am when I'm doing a feed & realise it's not just me.
The water bottle is great as can't spill over baby & I can drink while breastfeeding.

haveacupoftea · 30/03/2017 23:29

31 weeks and the only things id thank you for are nursing pyjamas, maternity pads and water wipes Grin

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