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Im over this anxiety!

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Monty000 · 29/03/2017 17:36

Im sick of it, I really am!!!! I'm 37 weeks pregnant and health anxiety is debilitating and I hate this illness. I get a headache and neck pain and then anxiety will kick in which in turn I can't sleep, eat, nausea, heart pulpitations and so on.

I know why it happens which frustrates me even more. I get worried that I'll be stuck with it forever and then it steam rolls from there. It takes me a few days to get over it but the insomnia drives me nuts and takes so much out of me.

Anyone else relate? I really get worried about how it will be when bub is born.

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AgentCooper · 29/03/2017 19:26

Oh Monty, I get you. I'm only 11 weeks but have been an anxiety sufferer for a long time. I have worried non stop about every symptom I have or don't have. I've had spotting on and off which I have been told is down to my cervical erosion, 100% not coming from the womb or the baby but I was still on the phone to the EPU in tears on Monday and the lovely midwife was talking me down, telling me to try to enjoy my pregnancy. It's like if I'm not anxious about spotting and what that might mean, I'm anxious about being ready for a baby, about moving house. It's like my mind just casts about for something to worry about.

I'm about to do a wee bit of mindfulness meditation just now, have you ever tried that? Flowers

Monty000 · 30/03/2017 06:55

I have done a bit of mindfulness meditation but for some reason, when I have insomnia, its hard to listen to this stuff?? I have to do positive self talk and cbt and once I break the cycle then I'm fine, like nothing ever happened. Then a month later, something will trigger it and then BAM back to anxiety/insomnia. Very frustrating!

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DaisyS91 · 30/03/2017 12:23

I have severe anxiety. I'm a week behind you. Nothing seems to help to be honest but feel free to DM me if you want a virtual hand hold! I was referred to all sorts of mental health things at 29 weeks but haven't ever even had a letter to say I'm on a waiting list!

Monty000 · 31/03/2017 05:08

Naw... thanks hun. Its nice to have someone to talk to. Xx

OP posts:
Monty000 · 08/04/2017 00:18

How are you feeling? Im having a bad day today. Getting nervous about c-section on Thursday I think. Insomnia kicking in again.

OP posts:
Funnyonion17 · 08/04/2017 10:18

The only way to move forward with anxiety like this is to face your fears. At first the physical symptoms are more difficult as you do it but after a while they fade. So for me fearing a headache could be a brain tumour, i would decide that people have headaches all the time and nothing bad comes of it but that I'm no longer going to obsess as what will be will be and i will take the risk.

I used the same method for fear of going crazy, fear of heart issues, fear that every bump etc was cancer. Getting something looked at is always best, but you have to trust rather then be cautious after. I won't lie it's not always easy, but it works. Took me a lot of learning and ups and downs but i did self help. If you can find yourself someone who specialises in treating anxiety disorders and really knows their stuff it would really help.

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