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10+3 and bleeding again

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AgentCooper · 26/03/2017 19:57

I've already had 2 scans at the EPU due to light bleeding and discomfort in my lower abdomen at 6 weeks then again at 8 weeks. Never enough to wear a pad or take painkillers. Each time we have seen a wee bean and a healthy heartbeat.

But I've got the light bleeding and discomfort again now at 10+3. We actually had a lovely private scan on Tuesday and saw the baby's head, arms and legs developing, healthy heartbeat and it moved! I just don't know what to do. My mum had bleeding in her pregnancies and keeps telling me it's probably alright, especially after having seen how the baby is growing. My nerves are shattered, am I just going to keep getting scan after scan every couple of weeks, every time I start bleeding or should I only phone EPU again if it becomes different or gets worse?

I just want this wee baby to be OK. What would you do? Wait it out until the next scan (on 10 April, when I'll be 12+4) or phone the EPU again? Sad

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jinglebellmel · 26/03/2017 20:03

I'd phone the epu. It sounds positive as you've seen a healthy heartbeat, but do you really want to put yourself through that horrible waiting? If they don't think it's neccesary to scan they'll let you know, but no harm in phoning and trying to put your mind at ease. Hope it's all okay.

AgentCooper · 26/03/2017 20:21

Thanks jingle, I'm going to phone them again in the morning, they must be getting sick of the sight of me. This is my first pregnancy and everything is so scary.

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OnTheUp13 · 26/03/2017 21:00

I don't know how helpful this is but I bled every 3/4 weeks until I was 7 months with my DD. It was always bright red fresh blood like a period.

AgentCooper · 26/03/2017 22:55

Thanks OnTheUp and sorry to hear that, it must have been very scary. Did you get scanned more regularly because of it? I'm going to call EPU in the morning, see if they think I need to come in again. If they do, it'll be my fourth scan and I'm not even 11 weeks.

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AgentCooper · 27/03/2017 13:43

Called the EPU this morning and they see no need to scan me again as the bleeding is exactly what I've had before and everything has been fine, plus they don't want to 'overscan' at this early stage. The midwife was really nice, she just chatted to me for a while about how pregnancy is a long time but the first 12 weeks are the scariest. She thinks there's nothing to worry about so am just going to do my best to be positive. 12 week scan is 2 weeks today.

It was the first time, actually that anyone had said the bleeding could be down to my previous cervical erosions and colposcopy treatments. She said my blood vessels are probably very sensitive right now, especially as I've had light nosebleeds and bleeding gums too.

So I'll crack on unless it gets any worse or becomes different I'll call again, as they advised, but in the meantime just be as calm and strong as I can because if I'm going to spot throughout I can't be getting scanned every fortnight.

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