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35 weeks pregnant - toddler exposed to chickenpox

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loztredders · 25/03/2017 12:37

So as today is such a sunny warm day, took my 21 month DD to the local park.
There was one family already there when we arrived at the other end of the park.
Dad of the family then comes over to inform me of his sons chicken pox.
I've had CP so initially wasn't worried until u realised I'm actually pretty close to my due date (just less than 5 weeks) so if DD catches them at the max incubation period of 21 days and I have DD2 early. ... she could be in danger of catching them which can be serious in newborns. Now I'm panicking Confused

OP posts:
Frazzled2207 · 25/03/2017 13:43

Did your dd actually interact with the poorly kids? If not I think chances of catching are not very high.
I would mention to mw. Don't panic though. Antivirals are available in certain circumstances.

Frazzled2207 · 25/03/2017 13:46

However if your dd catches it it will most likely be within 2 weeks and she will be infectious for about a week, so that's still 2 weeks before your due date. I don't think she will tho.

MrsCobain · 25/03/2017 13:52

My dn got it 21 days after exposure to her Mum's shingles.

That could put you at 15th April. When's your dd? I'd speak to your doctor/midwife just in case.

Nan0second · 25/03/2017 13:54

You and the baby will be fine as the baby will have your antibodies for at least 6 weeks after birth (longer if breastfeeding).
Don't worry about it.

Nan0second · 25/03/2017 13:54

(I'm an obstetrician so am paid to know stuff like this)

BunloafAndCrumpets · 25/03/2017 13:58

To have a good chance of transmitting CP the infected child has to be in a room with exposed child for 15 mins. You should be fine in a park.

thatcatpigeon · 25/03/2017 14:00

What NanOsecond said. The baby will be fine even if the worst happens and your toddler gets it (which is reasonably unlikely - although possible, but possible all the time, you could have arrived at the park 5 mins after & wouldn't have known, or put the toddler in a supermarket trolley after a kid that has it etc). But regardless your baby will have immunity from you, especially if breastfeeding.

BizzyFizzy · 25/03/2017 14:09

DS1 had CP when I was PG with DS2. I was worried, but needlessly.

I had had CP as a child, so DS2 received my antibodies, together with those from breastmilk (passive immunity) which covered him for several months.

The risky situation is when a newborn is exposed to CP with no passive immunity (i.e. Mother had not had CP).

eternalopt · 25/03/2017 17:13

What were they doing at the park with a poxy child?

BizzyFizzy · 26/03/2017 07:38

Getting fresh air and exercise.

AppleFlapjack · 26/03/2017 07:52

The family are beyond selfish and I would have had to say something, my DD has a condition that could lead to hospitilisation from something like CP. Why would you knowingly take your infected child to a park full of young children Angry

If your DD does catch it you should be okay though. Your normally only infectious before spots scab so probably would be gone before babies arrival even if earlh

Luckystar1 · 26/03/2017 07:59

OP my son was exposed (same room as child, and shared food) to CP in January. Thanks to the very lovely MN community I discovered that if he got vaccinated soon after exposure it could prevent him getting it (or in the event that he did, limit severity).

I got him vaccinated 5 days post exposure (although they say up to 3 days is better), and he didn't get it.

Good luck!

loztredders · 26/03/2017 08:12

Thanks everyone I'll relax a bit then.
She didn't directly interact with the pox child no. My only worry was contact with equipment he had previously touched so hopefully unlikely she will catch it from that, and since I've had it and will be breastfeeding if she does baby should have some protection then.
My due date is 27 th April.

OP posts:
eternalopt · 26/03/2017 16:29

Having just got to the other side of pox with my toddler, I understand the desire to leave the house, but "fresh air and exercise" doesn't cut it as an excuse for me. If you have to warn everyone else coming into the park that your child has the pox, you should realise you're being very selfish, especially when one of the people you approach is 35 weeks pregnant with a little one. A week without exercise whilst they scan over won't kill them, but it does drive you barmy!

Luckystar1 · 27/03/2017 15:06

Eternal I completely agree with you.

I recently went into a shop and was chatting to someone I know, when they said 'don't come too close, he's got chicken pox', they were down for 'supplies' which apparently necessitated a trip to a book shop. I almost ran out of there. So unbelievably selfish.

But, when we were worried that DS might get it (we were going on holiday), the sheer amount of people who said to just cover him up to get on the plane, was staggering. My DF was constantly saying that we were being ridiculous. Presumably part of the reason why lots of these things are a prevalent as they are.

I have had DS vaccinated now, and I will do the same with the baby as soon as I can upon reaching 1.

miserableandinpain · 28/03/2017 19:15

Dont worry when ds 1 was 18 months i was pg with ds2 and he had chicken pox. We were fine. Try not to stress about it x

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