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Conflicting advice from doctors and midwife! Help

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user1488394274 · 23/03/2017 21:50

I am only 7 weeks pregnant and I've wanted this baby for so long so I am noticing every little thing..! About a week ago I noticed that I was getting pink/orange discharge (sorry to be graphic) and I've been having pains since the beginning but the doc checked me and seemed to think it was normal, I have had endometriosis for about 5 years and said it might the scar tissue stretching. I spoke to both my midwife and doctor today regarding the discharge and the GP seemed to think it was normal as long as if it isn't heavy bleeding and localised pain but the midwife seemed a bit more concerned and worried me more saying I should maybe think about an early scan..! I'm really worried! Can anyone help..? Has anyone else been in th same situation? Thank you

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MTMFH · 23/03/2017 21:56

I have endometriosis and I spotted from weeks 7 to 17 with four heavy red bleeds in between. They put it down to my endometriosis although they did find I had a subchoronic haematoma on the placenta which caused the problem. If you can get an early scan then it might help put your mind at ease.

Cantchooseaname · 23/03/2017 21:59

Not same experiences, but midwives were able to refer me for early scan (following previous miscarriage)- I think to reassure me, help me know what was going on. The gp was a bit more 'what will be, will be', just wait and see. The midwives knew I needed to know what was going on and were able to support me with it.

Cantchooseaname · 23/03/2017 22:00

Ps congratulations and all the best!
A friend helped me lots- learning how to cope with worry is good practice for when the are here...

user1488394274 · 23/03/2017 22:22

Thank you for replying..! They aren't willing to send me nhs way tho they said there is a place in a hospital not too far away and you have to pay but I can have an early scan to put my mind at rest but I have seen as it's so early this can cause more harm than good..! Not sure what to do, but the discharge isn't all the time, just occasionally..! Not sure who to follow 😔

OP posts:
LokisSister · 24/03/2017 00:41

If it's going to put your mind at rest I'd advise going for the scan if you can afford to pay.

Cantchooseaname · 24/03/2017 06:54

Having had a miscarriage, it was fairly obvious what was going on once bleeding had started- it wasn't intermittent, or spotting.
If they aren't sending you for an Nhs scan they must be pretty confident all is fine. I would take it as a good sign.
Scans won't harm baby, but at 7 weeks it can be too early to see much (particularly if you are out by a few days).
Try to relax and enjoy pregnancy - it is a cliche but it is genuinely a miraculous thing your body is doing. Take time to enjoy it.

TiltedNewt · 24/03/2017 07:24

Could you wait a week? If you are 7 weeks you are likely to see a heartbeat, but a scan in a week would be a bit more reassuring. I had one at 8 weeks privately because of cramping and bleeding and although it was expensive it put my mind at rest that it was in the right place and the little heart was beating away.

user1488394274 · 24/03/2017 10:20

Thank you so much for your kindness, I think I will just wait for a couple more weeks as it seemed to have settled down the last couple of days (seems to be worse when I'm at work) and I've had a couple of days off and it's settled a little, I'm still getting cramping but not as often..! So just preying it will be ok and see how things go the next few days, the midwife suggested I have a week off work so I might take her advice, I have 4 weeks to wait for my 12 week scan so I will just be extra careful and prey it will be ok.. do you think this is best? Thank you for all your advice, I'm just hoping my doctor is right and it's to doing endometriosis x

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