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Post again as worrying, any advice, or hope?

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Yaz879 · 18/03/2017 23:45

Hi there girls, ive literally just joined this website hoping to get answers? If anyone has been in this situation before and had everything turn out ok?! So i am 8 wks pregnant which I'm really happy about as it will be my first due to a previous miscarriage i had at 6-8 weekssad with my first miscarriage i started bleeding in the day which came with cramps which in the night got that bad and more and more blood to the point it gushed out i had to go to AnE, doctor / nurse said i had similar pain to contractions... Ouch. I had LOADS of big clots coming out which were huge too. In the end the baba did come out and it was heartbreaking sad Recently (2-3day ago) I started bleeding, starting off with brown discharge, turning into blood, i went to the doctors yesterday as a normal appointment and told her i had some bleeding and she said this is very common? So my mind was at ease but later last night i had a few cramps? Nothing major or uncomfortable, just annoying. I also passed one small clot today and just thicky bits of blood, (sorry for detail dont know how else to describe it >.

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