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Paternity Leave- can he be made to change the dates?

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ILikeSalmon · 16/03/2017 18:28

My OH runs a business that is part of a big chain (he's the general manager of the branch)
He is taking the statutory 2 weeks pat leave when we have the baby.
This is likely to fall over the Easter holidays.
His area manager authorised it but then left the company and his new area manager has said he can't take it over the Easter holidays as it's the busiest time of year after Xmas.

Can she make him move his paternity? (As in not have two weeks from the birth of the baby if it coincides with Easter)
Or is it law and tough shit to her?

This is stressing me out now to the point I'll probably go into labour today anyway!! Grrr

OP posts:
BreatheDeep · 16/03/2017 18:38

They can't dictate when he can take it but he has to inform them 15 weeks before the due date. This is from the website:
"Paternity Leave
You must tell your employer at least 15 weeks before the week the baby is expected:

the baby’s due date
when you want your leave to start, eg the day of the birth or the week after the birth
if you want 1 or 2 weeks’ leave"

Slightlyperturbedowlagain · 16/03/2017 18:42

I don't think they can provided he's given the correct notice. your DH should speak to HR as they will probably know the rules better than the area manager.

ILikeSalmon · 16/03/2017 18:44

Yep he defo gave the notice and it was even authorised by the previous area manager
Ooh I'm raging
I could hunt her down and give her some pregnant lady rage slaps to the face

OP posts:
Slightlyperturbedowlagain · 16/03/2017 18:51

I don't blame you! This is pretty clear
So I think she will have to put up with itWink but it is a nuisance to get this sort of hassle to sort out when you should just be looking forward to your new baby.

ILikeSalmon · 16/03/2017 18:59

Thankyou for that
It's stressing me out that much I'm having some stomach pains!

He reckons she's just "swinging her cock around" (his words) to show whose boss.
If she tries to stop his leave I will kick her ass

OP posts:
Trifleorbust · 16/03/2017 19:27

It is up to him. He is informing them, not requesting, so provided his paperwork is in order this is her problem.

SaltedCaramelEverything · 17/03/2017 17:51

Pregnant lady rage slaps Grin

Misses point of thread

TestingTestingWonTooFree · 17/03/2017 18:49

Is it arranged optimally? I think you might get 14 calendar days so if it includes bank holidays that's inefficient. I suppose if you work in retail and are expected to work BHs that it might be different.

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