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Normal cramping at 32 weeks?

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user1483351382 · 16/03/2017 13:39

Hi all. So last week I had a day of experiencing mild cramps in my lower back and lower stomach - very similar to period pains. Nothing too severe, but I haven't had this in the pregnancy before so wasn't sure what it was. I was also already concerned in the days leading up to it that the baby had been moving less and more subtly. I phoned the midwife and they wanted me to go to the hospital to be checked. I was there 3 hours - 1.5 hours waiting and then 1.5 hours being seen and monitored. They didn't find anything concerning and they sent me home, and said to just take paracetemol if I wanted. The cramps didn't continue the next day and things went back to normal with the kicks. However it's back again today. It seems stupid to bother them with this again - and frankly considering the time I had to be there I'm not too fussed on repeating it pointlessly myself either! But since they never really explained why I might be getting this, I was wondering if other people know what it might be? And is it normal? My concern is that my body might be preparing for labour or something and at 32 weeks that seems too early. So I'm wondering how seriously I should take this? Have others experienced it at this time, or is it something that normally happens a bit later? They did note I had an 'irritatable uterus' but didn't explain much about that - googling that it seems it could mean I end up being early and could potentially be the feelings I am experiencing. Any thoughts welcome, thanks!

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user1483351382 · 16/03/2017 17:37

Anyone?! :(

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gigi556 · 16/03/2017 17:54

Really sorry. No Advice. Maybe phone your midwife?

JOMH1982 · 16/03/2017 18:37

Hi, I'm 31.5 weeks and had this a few weeks ago and got checked out (cramps and reduced movement). Baby starting wriggling away and they said sometimes it can happen. The cramps for me are probably because I've got a cervical stitch in, but I'd say if you're really worried then go in again. I know it can be a pain, but if there was something happening you'd want to know? Xx

MissJC · 16/03/2017 18:41

Get checked, even if you walk in triage 50 times a day don't ever be worried about bothering them. They would always rather you get checked than leave it. Thats what they are there for Smile even if its just your peace of mind. I went into latent labour and spent 4 days at home slowly dilating to 4cm and I rang the poor buggers pretty much 10 times a day and they were lovely.

When in doubt, get checked out.

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