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Positive or Not??

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VickyG13 · 15/03/2017 20:26

Hi all, I'm new to this site but needed some advice. I've recently taken 2 pregnancy tests as I'm 4 days late. 1st one was a negative but 2nd I'm not to sure about. Im not sure if there is a faint line or not. Any opinions would be appreciated. I've attached some images.🙂

Positive or Not??
Positive or Not??
OP posts:
JJ1612 · 15/03/2017 20:27

Definitely see a line

user1471495191 · 15/03/2017 20:28

There's a definite line in both these pictures

SuperManStoleMyPants · 15/03/2017 20:28

I can see lines on both. Congratulations Flowers

Plodder30 · 15/03/2017 20:29

Definitely! Congrats!!

melissasummerfield · 15/03/2017 20:31

I can see a faint line! I use the ones that say 'pregnant' or 'not pregnant' as i can't cope with not knowing 100% what these ones are saying!

purpleprickle · 15/03/2017 20:53

I would say definitely pregnant!

HN42 · 15/03/2017 21:21

I can see a faint line. To be sure I'd do one first thing on a morning when you get up as the urine is less diluted so has more HCG hormone in and you will probably get a stronger line.

Thisrabbitthatrabbit · 15/03/2017 21:59

Two lines! Congratulations!

CJB1980 · 15/03/2017 22:27

My first test was negative at 3 days late, my second test looked exactly like yours at 4 days, I did another test the following morning with first urine and got a much darker positive and am currently 33 weeks. Flowers

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