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Hospital bag - how many weeks will you be when you get it ready?

19 replies

dejags · 27/06/2004 18:48

I have been thinking about this today. I am 29 weeks so got a fair while to go yet.

Just wondering when your hospital bag was packed and ready to go?

OP posts:
Angeliz · 27/06/2004 18:50

I had mine ready probably around two months early.
Had everything in- packed and unpacked a million times and then when it happened, i said to dp."THE BAG" and when i had dd there was sod all in it

She had to wear a hospital t.shirt (that i nicked for sentimental reasons).

Best lais plans..

pesme · 27/06/2004 19:01

I was planning a home birth but was was going to pack a bag just in case. So when I as 37 wks I turned to dp and said I really should pack that bag but we were both really tired and decided to do it the next day. Of course my waters broke that evening and I ran around the house like a blue ars*d fly packing ludicrous rubbish that I didn't need. I was sent home from the hospital so I did have time to repack. Do pack lots of light weight nighties. I packed one flannely one and ended up using the hospital ones as it was too warm. I couldn't wear pjs cos I had a catheter. Sorry I am babbling now. Good luck.

Hayls · 27/06/2004 19:07

About 36 weeks I think. You could start quite early and add things to it gradually (i.e. when you remember them!)Before 36 weeks I had a small pile that I knew would be going in my hospital bag and kept remembering things ages after I'd supposedly finished packing it. Best thing to rememeber is nappies- I had to be given one for dd because I'd left my bag on the Birthing UNit but actually gave birth on Delivery Suite!

dinny · 27/06/2004 19:23

I was planning a homebirth with dd1 but packed a hospital bag at 35 weeks. Had her (in hospital) at 35+5. I've nearly finished packing mine today for number two - I'm 31 weeks. Hoping for a homebirth this time but will be prepared for hospital again.

motherinferior · 27/06/2004 19:39

Like pesme, I packed mine at 37+5 while in labour, pathetically looking for Big Pants in between early contractions. Lucky that home birth plan worked out for me!

sponge · 27/06/2004 21:40

Last time I didn't pack one at all. Went into hospital a couple of days early with light bleeding and wasn't allowed home again so I had to get dh to bring stuff in for me.
This time I plan to be a bit better prepared so will probably pack around 37 weeks. OMG that's only 2.5 weeks away - I'd better go shopping!

mummytosteven · 27/06/2004 21:54

Packed most of mine at about 34 weeks - but didn't put the finishing touches to it until the evening I felt first labour cramps - was the incentive I needed to finally get round to finishing it off!. I only packed the 3 babygros/vests that were suggested on all the lists - but then ended up in 8 days with ds with jaundice under lights - pack loads more baby clothes than you think you will need!

Clayhead · 27/06/2004 22:01

First time - about 30 weeks
Second time - about 37 weeks, mainly filled with food

fairydust · 27/06/2004 22:12

mine was packed at 26weeks

jacksmumto1 · 27/06/2004 22:18

Think I was about 34-35 weeks last time when I packed a "rough" bag - still needed to pack extra bits whilst in early stages of labour!

This time round I will be on holiday (in the uk!) at 36-37 weeks.... should I take a bag with me? It only occured to me today that I might need to take some bits and I only thought about it after having a dream regarding being on holiday when I give birth.... Any thoughts?!

Also can anyone suggest what to pack?! (having a cs this time round if that changes things....)

Lupe · 28/06/2004 14:55

Just packed this weekend (36 + 2). And feel soooo much more relaxed

Worst bit was buying nighties (not something I normally own or wear). No idea what to buy/where to go, didn't want to spend loads of money but didn't want something completely hideous.

But in the end bought a kind of oversized tshirty thing for £5 from BHS for labour and a lightweight cotton thing that I can whip tits out of for breastfeeding later.

Buying sanitary towels complicated too - haven't used them since I was about 13 and technology has moved on! wings, drip rating, all new to me...

Toothache · 28/06/2004 14:58

Packed mine at 25 wks after an early labour scare, but now at 35 wks and I KNOW there are loads of things I still need to put in there. The essentials are packed though.... even a disposable camera!

poppyseed · 28/06/2004 15:00

First one around 30 weeks - so excited!! Second at 36 weeksish. Good thing as it was needed at 37!!

Hulababy · 28/06/2004 15:00

I packed mine at 36 weeks as I was going away for lnmg weekend to stay with friends. I wanted to be prepared so took everything with us. LOL!

littlerach · 28/06/2004 15:01

I did mine at 33 wks, as last time I had DD at 35 wks, so hadn't packed and DH did it for me - best towels, nice pj's, you get the idea!!!

Fio2 · 28/06/2004 15:03

first one I packed it about 2 months before! silly really as I went 2 weeks overdue and had to be induced, so had plenty of time to get it ready!

second I packed it the day before i went into hospital for a planned section.

3weeks before would be okay me thinks

mummytosteven · 28/06/2004 15:09

get your cheap front buttoning nighties from Ethel Austin's for £4. Ethels also do cheap maternity bras, dressing gowns and slippers. As for sanitary towels - go for nighttime as absorbent as you can get!

Things you'll need:
lots of cheap underwear that you are happy to throw away! for a CS some very big knickers so the elastic will be high above your CS scar
plenty of nighties
sanitary towels (lots and lots of)
bath towel
shampoo and shower gel
toothbrush and paste
dressing gown
civvy clothes to go home in - old maternity clothers - you'll still look 5 months pg by the time they let you out - takes the uterus loads of time to go down
lots of babygros and vests
a hat/jacket/mitts/shawl for taking baby home in
cotton wool
baby bath (the soap, not the actual bath!)
disposable camera
lots of chocolate!

anything I've forgotten?

Lupe · 28/06/2004 16:27

nursing bras

and ketchup/mayonnaise/whatever takes your fancy to smother tasteless hospital food in!

collision · 28/06/2004 16:33

and some disposable knickers which I thought were great but not sexy! I was in hosp for 2 weeks with ds and dh couldnt have coped with all the washing! These knickers were fab and you just chuck em out when you are finished!

And a good book.

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