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Am I pregnant??

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user1489520794 · 14/03/2017 20:00

Apologies if I am repeating what has probably been discussed a million times! I thought it might be better to start my own thread (I'm new to this site!) mentioning my own specific symptoms.

I am a 47 year old lady who certainly wasn't looking to become pregnant (2 grown up "babies with my ex husband!) BUT I have a new partner who I saw and was intimate with 10 or so days ago. I genuinely didnt think I could get pregnant anymore, my period had only ended 4 days before we slept together and he used the "withdrawl" method! He is much younger than me and super super fit (an athlete by profession) so I'm assuming that he has turbo charged sperm! Though I am 47, there is no sign of the menopause and I have a bang on regular 28 day cycle.
Almost immediately after our lovely date together (I've had intercourse in 3 years prior to this lovely date) I was overwhelmed with tiredness and slept so much. I then began (3 days after intercourse) experiencing mild womb cramping (I can get this sometimes when I ovulate but it only lasts 2 days and is accompanied by slight spotting but no discharge/spotting at all since intercourse- just the cramping) Three days after, my breasts got slightly tender and I had crazy itchy and sensitive nipples. I am also peeing an awful lot and have felt very nauseous too, but on and off- had to get off of public transport the other day! My period isn't due for a while yet, (7-10 days) but my body has been crazy. Its been so long since my youngest was born, I've forgotten a lot! My breast tenderness has gone today. Did a pregnancy test tonight which was negative but period not due as I mentioned. It would be a huge surprise but a welcome one if I was! What do other ladies think- help- it is driving me crazy! Thank you in advance Emily X

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Redyellowpinkblue · 14/03/2017 20:07

How long did your period last? I have very regular 28 day cycles and ovulate usually on day 14 or 15 with average period 7 days, so by that reckoning if there were semen hanging around they may have encountered the egg en route and although it's probably too early to read too much into symptoms it's possible!

NapQueen · 14/03/2017 20:08

You had unprotected sex so yes, you could be pregnant.

SuperFlyHigh · 14/03/2017 20:13

You could certainly be pregnant yes. I'm not sure when to test again but maybe another week?

user1489520794 · 14/03/2017 20:22

Thanks Ladies. Definitely a 28 day cycle and always assumed I'd therefore ovulate on day 14 but have been reading like a maniac and it seems I could ovulate earlier and there are no hard and fast rules. Breat tenderness has gone today and not so nauseous but I only got up 2 hours ago (I work as a lawyer from home so can snooze! ) and am now tired again :-/ Definitely overwhelming pregnancy symptoms but what with my age, partner using withdrawl method and it not being in the middle of the cycle, it would be a miracle! Will retest in a week or so :-)

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MadeForThis · 14/03/2017 20:25

Maybe he has just tired you out!!

Relax and do a test in a week.

If you're hoping for a positive then good luck x

SuperFlyHigh · 14/03/2017 20:27

The only thing I'd say OP (I'm 45) is this is the age when peri menopausal symptoms can set in.

My periods have been on and off (twice in one month) but think that was due to extreme stress at work and also lighter.

The one thing I would say if you want to stay pregnant is any conditions like thyroid see your doctor ASAP, cut down on or cut out caffeine as this can cause miscarriages which are more common in older pregnancies and take some pregnancy vitamins (I'd take the vits anyway). A nice clean diet if you don't have one and cut out or reduce alcohol. Good luck!

user1489520794 · 14/03/2017 20:36

Made for this- too funny!! but sadly not- it was after his professional fight (boxing) and he was tired after going four rounds!

Superfly- I wondered too about menopausal symptoms but all I can say is I'm regular as clockwork and no menopausal symptoms whatsoever till now. I'm also quite fit and healthy with no medical issues that I am aware of and have a clean diet. I smoke unfortunately but that has drastically reduced the past week as it makes me sick! I'm in two minds but think all babies are a blessing and though this would be a huge surprise, it would be treasured of course! Younger man would be good with things too but not mentioned anything until I know for sure. My eldest is 20 and she is currently at University study Medicine and doing her Obs and Gynae section at the moment ironically enough but if I ask her, I will so get grounded!! As I said, I took a negative (cheap) test tonight but period not due till 23rd March on my reckoning (though I wasn't really monitoring it tbh!) so possibly too soon. Thanks Ladies- will update and good luck to any ladies who are trying ! :-)

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