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Pregnancy migraines

13 replies

Kateshereyay · 14/03/2017 18:57

I have always had migraines. And not just bad headaches, anyone who's had a proper migraine will know what I mean. Vomiting, numbness, spliitting headache, numbness etc. I have had 4 in days and I'm going mad. It's ruining pregnancy for me (I'm 23+2) I'm doing anything and everything I can think of to stop them to no avail! Did any one else suffer with these and has anyone got any tips? I've been signed off work to relax too. Just talking to someone who knows what I mean would be great!

OP posts:
mistermagpie · 14/03/2017 19:56

I can sympathise a bit, I have never had a migraine in my life before but was diagnosed with migraines with aura about three weeks ago which the Dr thinks was brought on by the pregnancy. They initially thought I had bad sinusitis because of the pain but I was getting visual disturbances too and it turned out to be migraines.

Yours sound a lot worse to be fair, I've never vomited but I had one every day for about a week and it was horrible. Since then I have had maybe three a week? I could live with the headache but the vision problems are quite distressing to be honest and make me feel really unpleasant. I've been told there isn't much they can do, medicine-wise, what about you?

NSEA · 14/03/2017 20:00

I had 1 every 10 days for the first 6 months. Then another about a month after baby was born.

I had to eat something stodgy as soon as I got the first symptoms (for me blindness) and took 2 paracetamol and then slept for an hour. Would wake feeling worn out but no migraine or symptoms. Ordinarily I would be out for the count for a day.

You have my sympathy x

user1478902502 · 14/03/2017 21:01

I'm 23 weeks and suffering too! I've always had migraines with aura but since being pregnant they have got so much worse. I've had one or 2 a week and 4 in last 8 days. The headaches and visual problems aren't getting better before the next one hits each time. Last night my speech went completely and no words would come out properly which hasn't happened for about 15 years! I'm finding it totally draining and depressing. I missed a few days off work early on because of them but have battled through since then because I feel I'd need to be off every few days otherwise (luckily dp can drive to and from work). I don't have any advice, paracetamol is useless and as far as I can tell there's nothing else safe to take. I know it doesn't help but you're not alone.

Angryangryyoungwoman · 14/03/2017 21:04

I have always suffered from migraines, you have my sympathy. I had them during pregnancy and was prescribed Nortriptyline as a safe alternative to my usual medicine

Tastesjustlikecherrycola85 · 14/03/2017 21:09

During my first pregnancy I had the same issue and have always suffered quite badly with migraines. I was referred during my second pregnancy and they told me to take one dispersible aspirin every day and I didn't have a single migraine.

user1478902502 · 14/03/2017 21:13

Tastes, did you go through the GP or midwife for that? Whenever I have mentioned it to the midwife she just says 'yes, that can happen' which I haven't found very helpful!

MamaHanji · 14/03/2017 22:09

You have my complete and utter sympathies. I use to get a migraine roughly 1 every month. Horrific things, I would literally be able to just about call my partner at work and mumble 'migraine' at him, he would then come home and look after our toddler while I was in bed throwing up and dying until it passed. Gives me shivers just remembering them.

When I was pregnant with my second at the beginning, so about 7-8 months ago, (she's now 3 months old) I had constant headaches for the first 4 months, and every couple of days, a bloody migraine. I was literally stuck in bed as you know, you cannot function with a migraine. Thankfully, they stopped! And I've had some nasty headaches, but not one migraine since! Which is amazing because I've always had them.

I have no advice to offer because honestly, nothing has ever helped me. I just had to ride it out. It's good you are signed off work though, so you can properly shut yourself away. But mine did get better, so hopefully they do for you too.

Stay strong xx

Imaystillbedrunk · 14/03/2017 22:30

I had these with my first. Blindness, numb mouth, pins and needles down my arm followed an hour later by the worse head ache I've ever experience. Sent to hospital each time to be monitored as they were too close to pre eclampsia symptoms.

The doctor gave me some pain killers which helped me enough to sleep it off. Can't remember what they were called. The day after was like the writer hand over I experience.

Is your blood pressure low? Mine was and I'm wondering of that had an impact.

Kateshereyay · 15/03/2017 09:12

Thanks guys! Woke up this morning feeling a little less desperate. Going to ask my doctor about the 1 aspirin thing as they are what I used to take, and ask about the other meds mentioned. it's nice to know it's not just me! I can tell you now that this baby will be an only child! No way I'll be doing this again!!

OP posts:
Greylilypad · 15/03/2017 10:29

I get one every 2 weeks since I found out I was pregnant. I'm 29 weeks now. I really notice if I have over-done it or am extra tired, that seems to bring it on. My consultant told me to take paracetamol at the first sign, not to wait until the pain was taking over. That has helped somewhat, although on one occasion I vomited up the paracetamol after about 10 mins and was worried about taking more in such a short space. Was in agony for a couple of hours then.
I know it doesn't work for everyone but it did help me a bit as I can feel them coming on and know it won't just pass as a mild headache.

Tastesjustlikecherrycola85 · 15/03/2017 10:48

@user, during my booking-in appointment the second time, the midwife referred me on to a consultant who told me to try it and it honestly worked wonders. I stopped taking it after having ds (laziness on my part) and they're back. I'd maybe make an appointment with the doc who can advise you and keep pestering them. Hope you feel better, it really is horrible when you can't take anything other than paracetamol which I found useless tbh.

Caterina99 · 15/03/2017 12:19

I feel your pain. Normally I get migraines, although not too often. Pregnancy for me seems to make them more frequent, but less intense. So I can still function, just unpleasantly!

I have no advice. I just take 2 paracetamol and a can of coke. Doctor said if I was happy with that then there was nothing they could do to prevent them. Definitely speak to your doctor as I'm sure they can prescribe something

TileTileTile · 15/03/2017 13:51

I get them, and have had them more regularly since being pregnant. They were going on for days. I phoned my doc for advice as paracetamol doesn't help much at all, and she said codine is perfectly safe for occasional use in pregnancy. I pop a codine and it's gone in 30 mins. I try not to take it often tho (prob had about 3 codine tablets in total in the 1st trimester). Speak to your doc and I hope they can help you xx

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