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PCOS and Breastfeeding Worries

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Harper67 · 11/03/2017 19:18

I'm currently 30 + 3 and have started reading about breastfeeding, which I am really keen to do. I have PCOS and was taking metformin until week 14 of my pregnancy, when my consultant told me to come off it. I lost 4 stone whilst taking metformin and wasn't keen to come off it, but my antenatal consultant doesn't really seem to agree with its use in PCOS.

Anyway, I've been reading that ladies with PCOS can struggle to breastfeed due to a lack of supply. I'm so worried this will happen to me. My breasts haven't grown at all through this pregnancy and I'm so worried that this is a bad sign. Does anyone have any experience or advice?

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Scotmum83 · 11/03/2017 19:37

I have PCOS and breastfed my first for 18 months, my sil is the same and bf til 9 months. Obviously everyone is different but you won't automatically have issues bf because of PCOS. Try and get lots of skin to skin with baby as this helps you're milk come in. And just feed on demand. hope it goes well for you. Xx

oatybiscuits · 11/03/2017 19:41

From what I've something like 1/3 of mums with PCOS struggle with making enough milk; the other 2/3 either have enough or too much milk (an issue no one warns you about in pregnancy!) so the most likely thing is that you'll be fine. I'd discuss your concerns with your doctor though, and find a local breastfeeding support group/counsellor in case you do face any difficulties

TestingTestingWonTooFree · 11/03/2017 19:42

I had a shit time with DC1. Further complications were an EMCS before I'd ever had a contraction and a tongue tie. I found it was painful for a long time. Irritatingly no one ever mentioned the link, I found out myself way too late. Had I known earlier, I might have given myself an easier time, there was a fortnight at about 8 weeks when I tried ebf and it was a disaster. Aside from that time, dc1 was mixed fed. I think when I went back to work at 6m, she was down to a feed at breakfast and bedtime with formula at all other times. She continued to breastfeed until 10m when she just stopped.

Currently 33 weeks with DC2. Am aiming to mixed feed again. For me breastfeeding was about the worst thing of having a baby, but when it worked it was magical. It's worth identifying local resources now so you can have help finding the optimal latch. I found the midwives in hospital were theoretically positive, but not much practical help.

Good luck!

EspressoPatronum · 11/03/2017 19:55

As said above, you will probably be totally fine. Skin to skin as much as possible and feed as often as baby wants.

Familiarise yourself with the signs that baby is getting enough, you can read up or go to feeding support groups whilst still pregnant.

This pic might be a good starting point.

Good luck! X

PCOS and Breastfeeding Worries
Oddsocksforeveryone · 11/03/2017 19:56

I had no idea there was a link! I have 3 DC, all still breastfeeding dd 8 months. It always takes up to a week for my milk to come in and I really struggled at first with ds1.was pressured this time into giving formula because her percentile loss was so high in first week even though it's obviously just the way my body works so I ended up topping her up with formulas for a bit. Also my breasts didn't grow until my milk came in so don't panic. Maybe look for a local breastfeeding support group?
Oh and ds1 breastfed 2 years, ds2 breastfed 1 year.
Good luck and enjoy :)

Whatsername17 · 11/03/2017 20:03

Breastfeeding is really hard in the beginning. Read up on it, learn about cluster feeding and what to look for to reassure you it's working. The reason I say this is because you should be prepared but also know it's tough anyway so you don't panic and worry it's because of your pcos. I say all this as a breastfeeding mum. I'm 7 weeks in and it's much easier now.

MrsGlam · 11/03/2017 22:15

I have PCOS and coming up to 1 year of breastfeeding next month...No issues with feeding other than the usual pointed out already!
Try not to worry until you cross that bridge!
Good luck with your breastfeeding journey m.

Primaryteach87 · 11/03/2017 22:24

I have pcos and bf twice. Don't panic! If you're worried look into breastfeeding tea and eat lots of plant protein (rather than just cake Grin ). If for some reason supply is an issue then it is totally possible to mix feed. NCT will tell you any formula is the beginning of the end of feeding but that's just not true.

Hamsolo · 11/03/2017 22:35

It's not impossible. It can be hard to get started. My milk came in late both times and we had to supplement a little with formula for a couple of weeks but I persevered. Went 2.5 years with no 1, still going with no 2. Be prepared mentally for it to be a bit of a battle, have a bf consultant's number just in case. But, it may also be very easy, if you're lucky, and once it clicks it's worth the initial effort.

SockQueen · 11/03/2017 22:41

I was diagnosed with PCOS while TTC and conceived using Clomid; DS is almost 6 months old. I had no idea until last week that it could cause problems with breastfeeding, and I just cracked on and once we got the hang of it, it was fine. My breasts didn't really grow during pregnancy, but when my milk came in on day 2/3 they certainly did!

Second the suggestions above to read about what's normal for newborn breastfeeding and how to reassure yourself he's getting enough, so you don't go into it too anxious and blame any problems on the PCOS.

Harper67 · 12/03/2017 21:23

Thank you so much for all the responses, you have made me feel so much better. I will speak to my midwife about my worries and make sure I have all the details of breast feeding groups etc.

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