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12 week scan on Monday and the anxiety has hit

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Jellybabie3 · 10/03/2017 13:03

So this will be my first baby. Nothing extraordinary to report (no bleeding etc) just the typical nausea, food aversions etc which have been wearing off for the last couple of weeks. i have only had my booking appointment five weeks ago, so my pregnancy is yet to be 'confirmed'. So far we havent told anyone except my line manager who is anti-pregnancy and keeps politely reminding me 'it's yet to be confirmed' (so no love there). Up until now i have been fine, accepting what will be will be, until today as this weekend (we have Monday off) i will get now worried that a) im not preg just getting porkie b) something is wrong and this bubble i am in will burst Sad. Im not sure what answers im expecting here but might be good to hear im not the only one that hits a low at this point?

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kathrynelizabeth3005 · 10/03/2017 13:44

Hi Jelly, didn't want to read and run!

First of all I'm sorry you're feeling so anxious :( and also sorry that your line manager is being so awfully negative about your pregnancy!

The thing to focus on is that you've had no symptoms to suggest anything is wrong- no bleeding and nothing else negative. Food aversions and nausea is normal and it's also normal for them to be wearing off at this stage!

I was ridiculously anxious for my 12 week scan. I just couldn't believe there was a little bub inside me as, like you, I'd had my booking appointment and that was it.

The best advice, although easier said than done, is to try and relax, know that anxiety is 100% normal, and that Monday will come round soon!

Best of luck for your scan on Monday! Sending lots of hugs Flowers

ememem84 · 10/03/2017 13:54

I'm feeling the same. 12 week scan in a week. And I keep thinking that someone's soon going to tell me this has all been a dream.

Supersmith · 10/03/2017 14:08

I have my 12week scan this coming Wednesday and I'm terrified of them saying there is nothing there,or there is no heartbeat. Having been left to your own devices for 12 weeks, it doesn't feel real at all and it's a horrible feeling.
Good luck for your scans, hope all is well!

Jellybabie3 · 10/03/2017 15:17

Thanks all. I'm glad i am not the only one (although sad we get ourselves into this state). Hopefully this time next week all will be better 😊

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Babyblues14 · 10/03/2017 18:33

I was exactly the same, first baby and convinced there was nothing there. Had my first scan two days ago.Terrified while I was waiting to go in. I burst into tears when I saw baby wriggling about on the screen. All your fears will wash away when you see it so try to keep busy until then xx hope all is well

Jellybabie3 · 10/03/2017 19:57

Thanks babyblues i am going to try. For starters i dont want to wish away the weekend!!

OP posts:
MissJC · 10/03/2017 20:31

Aww I feel your pain! I had to book in for a private 8 week reassurance scan because I was torn between feeling like a total fraud (I had not a sjngle pregnancy symptom except sore boobs and a blue line on a frigging stick) and not wanting to get too excited just in case the pregnancy wasn't viable.

That first scan really is something else, nothing quite beats seeing your little peanut sat in your body all new and growing!

Sending big hugs Flowers

Jellybabie3 · 10/03/2017 20:36

Thanks Grin i am excited but then scared to i am tempting fate or something. My OH has become quite attached to my squidgy belly bump so i am just as worried for him about getting bad news. I think hes just oblivious to the fact there could be anything wrong (i am clearly the pessimist). I am really pleased for those of you that had positive scan experiences Smile. I would love to know how the rest of you with scans coming up get on. Fingers crossed xx

OP posts:
haveacupoftea · 11/03/2017 01:24

The vast majority of women get good news at the 12 week scan...chances are extremely good that you will be amongst them Smile just think today you are pregnant. In the future, if you arent, you can deal with it when the time comes - but the odds are very much in your favour.

Lemondrop09 · 11/03/2017 19:05

I'm with you! My 12 week scan is in 10 days and I'm more scared than excited. I'm so worried about a MMC. I had really bad sickness and was sent for an early scan at 8 weeks, so I've always seen a bean with a heartbeat. That reassured me for a few days, then the anxiety set in again! My sickness has eased off this week (wk 10) which, while I'm grateful for, had also made me panic. This pregnancy thing is hard. I have no reason to think anything would be wrong, but still so anxious.

Remember, statistically everything probably is fine for you. Let us know how it goes Smile

Winniethepooer · 12/03/2017 01:18

Flowers for you Op.

Jellybabie3 · 12/03/2017 09:11

Thanks ladies. My appointment is in the morning so i will let you know....xx

OP posts:
kathrynelizabeth3005 · 12/03/2017 09:19

Will be thinking of you Jelly Flowers

stepmum88 · 12/03/2017 22:01

Exactly the same-12 wk scan on tues & minimal
Symptoms except exhaustion. Worried doesn't quite cover it

Lalalax3 · 12/03/2017 22:12

I have an early (7.5) week scan tomorrow and feel so utterly grim that I'm not worried at all. This is my second pregnancy though and it definitely feels at each stage that my body is remembering. I just feel very pregnant. I knew a week before my period was due! Be calm, try not to fret, chances are you'll be fine.

Jellybabie3 · 12/03/2017 23:01

Thankyou. Goodluck at your scans too x

OP posts:
Dee333 · 12/03/2017 23:47

I've got a 7.5 week scan booked next Saturday with Mothercare, I had to book it for peice of mind and also to convince myself that I'm pregnant although I've done 4 tests and have been getting most of the symptoms.

I know what you mean about the anxiety, I'm 44 and this is my first time pregnant so I'm obviously considered as high risk and geriatric!!

Good luck tomorrow Jelly

Dee333 · 13/03/2017 00:06

Sorry that's peace of mind not piece of mind!!

Jellybabie3 · 13/03/2017 16:45

Hi all. Just to let you know the scan went really well. Here is my little one. Best of luck to you all with scans coming up Smile

12 week scan on Monday and the anxiety has hit
OP posts:
housewifebynamenotnature · 13/03/2017 16:48

congratulations jelly, wishing you an easy pregnancy Flowers

Dee333 · 13/03/2017 17:40

Congrats Jelly

Lottbarn · 13/03/2017 19:53

Pleased it went well for you. I have my 12 week scan next Monday, I couldn't be more nervous. It's all I can think about. I keep having dreams and thoughts about all the bad news I could get. Finding these first 12 weeks so hard and still can't believe I'm pregnant. Just hope the next week flies by to finally find out if everything is ok!

stepmum88 · 13/03/2017 20:04

Jelly- so glad everything was ok! Got 14 hours to wait- not entirely sure how I'm going to get through the morning at work! I haven't been told to drink loads- but have read you should- any advice? X

Jellybabie3 · 14/03/2017 08:32

Hey stepmum i wasnt told to either but had planned to try....but i got to the hosp and was desperate! So my bladder was empty Blush. The second the sonographer put the scanner on my belly the little one was there so dont think it made any difference. Pics arent great but image was clear on screen. Sonographer talked us through brain, legs, arms everything. Was magic. Enjoy!!

OP posts:
stepmum88 · 14/03/2017 09:55

Jelly - Thankyou- am going to keep drinking anyway (a small part of me wishes it was gin!). Just got an hour and half to wait- aaaaggghhh. X

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