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Weight gain...or not...

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octonuddle · 07/03/2017 17:02

Currently 19 weeks pregnant. I suffered quite bad morning sickness in first trimester but not to HG levels....maybe once every couple of days but constant nausea. Over the worst of that but still struggling a bit with appetite. I've gained only 4lbs since the start of my pregnancy and wondering if anyone else in the same position?

I'm never actually hungry at all? I just eat at breakfast and lunchtime out of habit, and dinner I force myself to have a bit toast. I definitely look pregnant....little bump forming and generally much squidgier all over. I'm not even really complaining as I'm sure I'd be panicking if I'd put on loads of weight, but just miss a nice meal! Sitting down to a lovely plate of food only to have a nibble and feel full is soooo disappointing!

This is DC2....first pregnancy I don't remember losing appetite till 3rd trimester heartburn kicked in and tummy clearly got squished by the baby so no space for food.

Does 4lb seem too little for 19 weeks? Have my 20 week scan soon so will ask then, but interested in comparisons. Thanks!

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octonuddle · 07/03/2017 17:05

Size 12 to begin with and quite tall so not overweight to start with. Probably should have said...

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