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Bit of fun - gender guess?!?!?!

15 replies

Mummylx · 06/03/2017 15:57

Scan taken at 12 + 5 weeks. Any guesses pink or blue?
Will reply once sex has been confirmed!

Bit of fun -  gender guess?!?!?!
OP posts:
Sososososo · 06/03/2017 15:59


RickGrimes · 06/03/2017 19:08

Girl Smile

Bobowhite · 06/03/2017 19:10

Girl - slightly rounded skull shape!

Rosetree123 · 06/03/2017 20:45

Girl from nub!

Chocolou · 06/03/2017 20:54


joojoobean99 · 06/03/2017 21:25

Sorry to jump on, but can anyone have a guess at mine too? We think boy but it's just a random guess!

Bit of fun -  gender guess?!?!?!
Bobowhite · 06/03/2017 21:42

I'm leaning to boy JooJoo! Slightly flatter forehead!

babyunicornvomit · 06/03/2017 21:53

Girls for both!

Chocolou · 06/03/2017 22:28

That's a girl joojoo

joojoobean99 · 06/03/2017 22:46

What makes you say that, chocolou? I'm sure there are ways to tell this early, I just wish I'd have asked the sonographer at the time!

Mummylx · 07/03/2017 19:35

Thanks for all the guesses! Lots of pink love πŸ’– let's see if everyone is correct, can't wait to find out! Will update you in a couple of weeks! X

OP posts:
Sososososo · 07/03/2017 21:59

Boy for JooJoo

miserableandinpain · 07/03/2017 22:58

My 12 week scans for my 2 boys and the little girl i Am expecting are all practically identical. Head shape, nub and all.

Good luck x

Jenshoegirl · 19/03/2017 11:45


Have a guess at mine! We aren't finding out but super curious! πŸ’—πŸ’™πŸ€”πŸ€”

Thank youuu xx

Bit of fun -  gender guess?!?!?!
Bit of fun -  gender guess?!?!?!
yaela123 · 19/03/2017 20:19

Jen Girl I think Smile

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