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Changing hospital: Homerton/ St.Thomas/ Lewisham ??

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user1488735692 · 05/03/2017 17:51

I'm 26 weeks pregnant and I am expecting my first baby in coming June. My GP has assigned me to my nearest hospital Royal London for labour. Beside the first scan and second scan, no one (not even mid-wife) ever contact for any check-up. When I did the scanning in Royal London, both receptionists and mid-wives are quite rude, I felt very nervous in front of them. Last week I tried to book the 25-week checking with mid-wife but they said the booking is full and asked me to wait for a month.

I'm so worried and confused now. I don't want to stay at Royal London but I have no ideas which hospital is better to give birth. I had some research online and people praised Homerton very much. And the hospitals which are nearest my home are Homerton, St.Thomas and Lewisham.

Anyone has any ideas?

Thank you for your advice!

OP posts:
rose7120 · 05/03/2017 18:01

I can't help with the birth so much, as I'm only 31 weeks. However, I'm at Homerton and their care so far has been very good. I don't tend to see the same midwife each time, but at each check up they tell you to make the next check up at reception and they always ask when I want to make the appo. They're always happy to listen to any concerns.

I've also had a tour of the birth centre and delivery suite and everyone seemed friendly. My only concern is there is no where to park so basically reliant on taxis when the time comes. Not sure how much this matters?!

otherstories · 05/03/2017 18:05

You need to make your own appointments, well in advance, wherever you go. They wouldn't be able to fit you in anywhere in London the week you need to be seen! You could see your GP for that appt for BP monitoring, urinalysis and listening to the heartbeat.

I can't see how your locals are royal London, homerton, Tommy's and lewisham. Homerton and UCH have fantastic reputations, I rate UCH highly, but nowhere is perfect and you won't see the same person twice. I would go back to UCH if I could, or homerton as a second choice but have booked at Whipps for convenience. You should be able to self refer to any hospital but do it as soon as possible as you will need booking in and then 28week appt.

Good luck!

user1488735692 · 05/03/2017 18:26

Actually I tried to book the checking two weeks in advance, but the receptionist said he doesn't know the mid-wives' schedule and asked me to call back during my 25 weeks. And when I called back last week, they said I need to wait for a month :(

OP posts:
EssentialHummus · 05/03/2017 18:33

I can't speak for birth yet but my early care at Lewisham has been very good. I'm another one wondering how you're defining "local" - if you're in Newham (for example) surely Tommy's is an hour away?

DirtyDancing · 05/03/2017 20:48

I have to disagree with the comment about not getting an appointment within 1 week.

I am with Kings and the pre-natel care is second to none. This is my second and due to complications with my first pregnancy my midwife is coming round next Saturday to go through my notes with my husband and I.

I am seeing a specialist consultant every 4-6 weeks due to health issues, and when he requested an extra growth scan this was arranged quickly.

Midwives to do take a while to get back if it's non urgent, but for urgent issues, I can page them for a very quick response.

I think the service is incredibly responsive

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