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Think my waters broke but doctor says not

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user1488060230 · 27/02/2017 20:28

I'm 28 weeks pregnant and today lots of liquid come out of my vagina, I couldn't control it and just stood there not knowing what to do, my knickers and jeans were soaked through. I called the midwife and she told me to go to the hospital which I did. I was finally seen after a number of hours and after having some swabs taken (about 5 hours after it happened) the doctor said it was not my waters and was probably just discharge, although relieved that he said it was not my waters now I'm at home I just can't comprehend that this much liquid coming out could be discharge - it was literally water, there was no smell and no colour - I am now panicking and don't know what to do. I have a midwife appointment on Thursday should I just wait till then and see what happens? Any advice is appreciated.

OP posts:
Hollyhop17 · 27/02/2017 20:34

This happened to me today, although I am not as far along, only 19+5. I went to my MAU after speaking to my midwife. I hady urine checked, and a scan and everything was ok. They told me they can't 100% rule out it being amniotic fluid. I told them I felt quite sure it wasnt urine, very clear, smelt sweet not like the distinctive urine smell
The doctor told me that being pregnant can change your discharge and she felt that was the most likely. Still seems strange to have a small puddle of discharge but they know what they are doing.

I'm hoping this has helped to reassure you, my doctor came to the same conclusion as yours pretty much. I can apprciate how scary it is though, fingers crossed everything remains ok.

ScrapThatThen · 27/02/2017 20:36

No advice, but can you ring your midwife in the meantime?

dementedpixie · 27/02/2017 20:38

Sometimes hind waters can leak through a tiny hole but then the hole seals up again. The fore waters are at the front of the babies head at the cervix end so maybe they are saying that that bit is still intact. Fingers crossed it stays that way too

juniorcakeoff · 27/02/2017 20:41

Are you still leaking water now? Were you internally examined or scanned? Have the baby's movements changed?

user1488060230 · 27/02/2017 20:45

I will try the midwife in the morning, they are only there between 8.30-9.30am. I had an internal examination but was not scanned- they chaecked banys heartbeat which was fine and the baby is still active and I'm not leaking now.

OP posts:
JonSnowsWhore · 27/02/2017 21:01

Ok please don't think I'm disgusting here, I say this as someone who has peed themselves in pregnancy so it's easier than you think 🙈 but I would suggest leaving your clothes to dry without washing them, & then smelling them. If you're well hydrated then the wee smell won't always be clear if it's still fresh but then you can smell it once it's dry. That might give you an indication as to whether it's pee or waters if it smells/doesn't smell when dry. Sorry to be so vile Grin

Algebraic · 27/02/2017 21:09

Strange question but had you recently had a bath? I have had some water gush out after bathing! Blush

InsaneMummyOfThree · 27/02/2017 21:18

I had similar when I was 32 weeks with my 2nd pregnancy. At the time I assumed I'd wet myself due baby putting pressure down low. When it happened for a second time (about 2 days later) I thought I better get checked. I went to the hospital where they took swabs and checked baby and cervix. They thought all was finde as there was nothing at the time but they left the speculum inside me for abit and when I coughed abit gushed out. Swabs came back positive for amniotic fluid. Had to stay in over night and get steroid injections for babies lungs. Had a scan the following morning to check water levels and they said they were fine. Let me go home but said to come back if it happened again. It did happen a few more times but I was further along at that point and wasnt so worried. They said I probably had a tear in my hind waters and a certain times fluid would leak out. Keep an eye on it and maybe start wearing a panty liner so if it happens again you can take it in to be swabbed. Obviously if you get any other symptoms such and cramping, pains or bleeding get yourself seen asap. X

HopelesslydevotedtoGu · 27/02/2017 21:23

Did you take the soaked clothes with you? It can be helpful to show how much has come out. Yes, it sounds like a huge amount for discharge - are you leaking anything now?

MrPoppersPenguins · 27/02/2017 21:37

This happened to me at 27 weeks. Same sort of investigations done and I was reassured it wasn't waters. It hasn't happened again although I have had much more discharge throughout this pregnancy and a swab came back for group B strep

cornflakes91 · 28/02/2017 11:41

I had PPROM at 32 weeks in my second pregnancy, it was literally like a two litre pop bottle being emptied out of me. The midwife on the phone laughed at me and said it must have been wee but that I could go in and be checked if I wanted. I changed clothes and put two pads on and by the time I got to hospital those clothes were soaked through as well. They still didn't believe me though until they did a speculum and told me to cough and more came gushing out. Good job I did go into hospital because they then gave me a steroid injection and said they would keep me in on antibiotics and induce at 34 weeks but I went into labour naturally a few hours later and my son was born 8 weeks premature.

harleysmammy · 28/02/2017 11:48

I've had ridiculous amounts of discharge since being pregnant, i went in at 23 weeks because i woke up with fluid dripping down my legs and although it wasnt a huge gush, it didnt stop even when walking around tesco. It wasnt fluid, they said its just a major increase in discharge which is apparently normal for pregnancy. I was also in mau 3 days ago for low movement but when i was in there, this woman at 30 something weeks thought her waters had gone. She had taken a photo of the massive puddle to show the midwife, and she showed me when we were being monitored together. It was huge, and if i had of been there at the time i would have said her waters had most definitely gone without a doubt. They did a test on her to see if the fluid was amniotic and it wasnt, but when she showed the doctor&midwife the picture, they actually didnt believe the test that it wasnt her waters because it looked so much like they had gone. Turns out it wasnt her waters but just crazy discharge. I wouldnt worry if they've said it wasnt waters (how many times can i say waters haha) but just keep a pad on, sometimes when i havent got knickers on in bed or a pad on when im walking around, it feels worse than it is x

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