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Jaronior · 24/02/2017 07:16

Just wondered if it was me or if everyone else sees two lines?? AF due today, hoping it stays away..... Wink Just want a second opinion- OH has gone to work!! Thanks ladies xx

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Hatemylifenow · 24/02/2017 07:18

Definite positive!

elpinguino · 24/02/2017 07:39

Yep! Congratulations Smile

strawberrypenguin · 24/02/2017 07:42

Looks positive to me. Congratulations!

powerpuffer · 24/02/2017 07:43

There's a line!

Jaronior · 24/02/2017 09:08

Wooooo hoooooo!!! Thank you!! I've had 3 recent m/c and was due a hysteroscopy and biopsy on March 15th. Hopefully I won't need it and I've just been unlucky....... fingers crossed it's sticky!! Smile Thank you for taking the time to answer xx

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perfectpinkstar · 24/02/2017 09:11

Congratulations ❤

Jaronior · 24/02/2017 14:20

Thank you, I so hope you're all right! Xx

OP posts:
Jaronior · 26/02/2017 12:10

Update- 2 days later think we can safely say there's a line! Thank you everyone xxx

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