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6 weeks and bleeding :(

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xagirlwholovesglitterx · 23/02/2017 10:13

hi girls.

little background - havent had my first midwife appt yet. had stressful 4 days from friday to tuesday. i noticed friday afternoon slight pink spotting, only the once when i went for a wee. happened again once sunday, happened again monday morning but its been here ever sins. so i phoned the doctors and she saw me and said i think we need to send you for a scan. i had my scan yesterday and they didnt see concerned, she confirmed i was 6 weeks said its so small at the moment we cant see much at all. saw the hospital doctor straight after and she said light bleeding is fine, but because we cant see anything at this moment we need to see you again for another scan in about 9/10 days. i dont go back till the 3rd March. i noticed on the notes that they put the sac was 'empty'. im now absolutely heartbroken thinking this is a miscarriage and its taking its time to 'leave'. i wanted to know if anyone else has experienced anything similar.

the weirdest thing is the bleeding slowed right down yesterday afternoon, then went abit red and more of it come last night. went to bed and nothing. ive started goin about my daily stuff and its started again. i have a 3 year old i cant sit about.

im driving myself mad now which clearly isnt good! im starting to think has stress brought a miscarriage on? is it harmless bleeding? has the internal scan just caused the bleeding to go a little more heavy?

feel abit at a loss and unsure what to do.
thankyou for any advise!

C x

OP posts:
xagirlwholovesglitterx · 23/02/2017 10:16

also should of mentioned the bleedings been on and off but sins monday its been there pink or red everytime i wipe. which is what i mean by 'been here sins' x

OP posts:
Coreynkayden · 23/02/2017 12:39

I had bleeding at 6 weeks too went from pink to red for about a week but everything was fine :) as for your scan don't get yourself too worried iy just could be too early too be able to see baby's heart beat Smile

emvy · 23/02/2017 13:38

If the bleeding continues or gets worse OP I would contact the helpline number they gave you and they may get you in again sooner. They may not, if they don't think it will help but at least you will have spoken to a professional. Even if the bleeding doesn't get any worse and you're worried, give them a ring and they can hopefully give you a little bit of reassurance.

xagirlwholovesglitterx · 23/02/2017 17:26

thankyou both!

i dont think its helped that ive had problem after problem sins friday. and im worried stress has caused it. but then has the bleeding got worse because of her messing and making my walls inflammed. i dunno just feel like for reassurance and to come away with something but come away feeling worse for not gettin a straight answer :( i know bleeding can be normal. i do think its weird that it was on off bleeding and then been there all day. its not soaking my pad but theres more there now then there was originally.


OP posts:
Ginnotgym · 23/02/2017 17:31

I bled on and off all the way through my pregnancy - and all was fine

Good luck Flowers

xagirlwholovesglitterx · 23/02/2017 17:36

did you. i think i wouldnt be worried if they'd of found something in the sac. but she said its just so small at the moment we cant see anything. but i know in the notes is said sac empty... so surely that means that theres nothing in there xx

OP posts:
emvy · 23/02/2017 17:46

You would still be worried. I have just been through the same and they found a sac and a node measuring normally but no heartbeat. They told me they should be seeing a heartbeat by now. Going back in 10 days. I just think this whole thing is so worrisome in every way! I was worried when I was just getting on fine everyday and now wish I could go back to it. It sounds like you're going through it a bit with the bleeding though Sad are you due to go back?

HN42 · 23/02/2017 17:52

Just wanted to say stress would not cause a miscarriage so do not drive yourself mad with that thought. An internal scan also would not cause bleeding as they do not go beyond your cervix and it is a safe way of scanning, its often used if nothing can be seen by scanning your tummy. You may just have been too early for a scan but hopefully they are bringing you back for a further scan to check if there is any further development? I know its frustrating that you can't be given a definitive answer but its because the doctors and nurses also cannot confirm either way for definite whether the pregnancy is viable at this stage, but do not give yourself a hard time.

xagirlwholovesglitterx · 23/02/2017 22:31

corey - i feel for you honey i really do! its awful when you just need some answers whether its good or bad you just need to know so you can either have a good cry and move past it or just to get some reassurance of whats what. the bleeding is weird. its not in my urine but there when i wipe so i really do have no idea. all ive got told by numerous people is 'rest' or 'you should be resting' but its impossible to sit and not move all day when you have a 3 year old and a husband to take and fetch from work. what have they said else for you? im due to go back 3rd march which would make me 7 weeks and 5 or 6 days x

OP posts:
xagirlwholovesglitterx · 23/02/2017 22:36

HN42 - my friend has bleeding and they said it can cause it to come or get heavier if theyre messing around and irritating your walls. but they did find out she had inflammed walls and had it done 2 more times internally after that. yeh she couldnt see anything through my tummy which is why they did internal.

i know its not the way i should be thinkin but now im just coming to terms with the fact i think its not gonna stick around. and that when i go back theyre gonna say theres nothing there. x

OP posts:
Nospringflower · 23/02/2017 22:44

How sure of your dates are you? I have had 4 miscarriages and I know that at 6 weeks they were usually able to see something and often a heartbeat.

I also know many people on here have had bleeding / scans that didn't show anything and then went on to have healthy pregnancies.

I think it's hard to say for you and could go either way.

Good luck

xagirlwholovesglitterx · 24/02/2017 12:35

hey, well ive just spoke to the gynaecologist as my bleeding went and went to heavy and then passed a clot and it panicked me. she said are you in pain and things i said no no im goin about like normal currently bathing my 3 year old. she said ok. i said the bleedings gone from light on and off to heavy then will go to light and now its back to heavy. she said ok. i said and then ive passed clots and she said right ok are the big i said one was bigger than the rest the others were small and barely anything. she said its hard to tell as we only saw you 2 days ago and everything seemed ok then we said there was light bleeding but it was also very very small. i have scan appts but we are seeing your friday arent we i dont think its necessary to see you today as your not in any discomfort and your not feeling dizzy or anything are you. i said no no. she said ok then no i dont think theres anything to worry about. i said so i shouldnt be worried that my bleedings bright red now instead of pink she said 'no no sometimes bleeding heavy and light still occurs and pregnancy is fine' i said oh. she said we'll still see you friday next week as we'll be able to tell. i said ok. and she said if it gets heavy and you become in pain then phone back. but doesnt reassure me at all. xx

OP posts:
emvy · 24/02/2017 12:59

Nothing is reassuring unless a scan shows everything normal and you have no bleeding or cramping is it. I really do hope your scan goes well on Friday. Wishing you the best of luck during a scary time Flowers

xagirlwholovesglitterx · 25/02/2017 17:09

hi everyone, just thought id do a quick update.
unfortunately at 1 yesterday

OP posts:
xagirlwholovesglitterx · 25/02/2017 17:12

bloody phone.

i had a miscarriage at 1pm yesterday afternoon. ended up having to go to hospital. so on bed rest and taking it all in.

thankyou for replying to the post girlies xx

OP posts:
emvy · 25/02/2017 17:36

Oh I'm so sorry! Get yourself rested. I wish you a speedy recovery and all the best for the future Flowers

Ginnotgym · 25/02/2017 17:54

Take care lady. Rest up and be kind to yourself. Flowers

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