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123happymummy · 22/02/2017 18:40

Some might think this normal & others might think im mad. Im 28 weeks pregnant with my second, my labour on my first couldnt have gone better but for some reason im scared that something is goin to happen to me. My LO is 5 now & im so worried im going to leave him behind, I suffer from anxiety anyway and im sure its just worse coz of my hormones. Im driving myself insane & dont want to stress myself or baby out cant be good. Help!

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anxiousandpregnant · 22/02/2017 21:26

Your not alone, I think it's totally normal to worry about these things. I'm only 10 weeks pregnant and worrying about so many things, I suffer from health anxiety. Saw the midwife today who asked me to make a gp appointment to arrange some CBT. Maybe this will help you too?

123happymummy · 23/02/2017 11:47

Thanku its so nice to know your not alone, im with the pregnancy mh team but you just feel incapable sometimes. CBT sounds good they have mentioned that but i usually say yes but never follow anything up...i think nows the time...thanx again x

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vfoster · 23/02/2017 13:06

I drive myself mad with worry too. It's horrible having no control over anxiety. I've found mindfulness really helps me. Especially those mindfulness colouring books! I have a few and when I'm struggling I just get one out and it really helps me to relax. There are loads of great mindfulness apps too.
I actually had quite a traumatic birth with my first which ended in an emergency section. My anxiety really started after that. This time they have given me a choice for a section or VBAC so I actually feel quite in control. It's helped with my anxiety. I think not knowing is the worst bit.
I get anxiety about everything else though...this week it's ranged from a plague type disease being released and how I would protect my kids ( because I watched Inferno) and my husband being in a plane crash because he's heading to the US in a few months. ๐Ÿ™„ My anxiety knows no bounds!
Pregnancy is an anxious time and it's worse if you suffer with anxiety anyway. X

123happymummy · 23/02/2017 22:26

Omg vfoster tell me about it!! It controls ur life, my dh thinks im gonna drive myself insane but its totaly out of your control it takes over your life doesn't it. I was diagnosed with post natal depression after my 1st was born, now its left me with anxiety which in my opinion is worse, i can turn everyday situations into the worst case scenario in my head. I have the adult colouring books there fab Smile

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anxiousandpregnant · 24/02/2017 09:17

I think I need to get hold of one of these colouring books to see if it helps at all. My anxiety gets 10 times worse on an evening, I have random panic attacks and really struggle to drift off to sleep as my heart starts racing and then my mind imagines the worst....anxiety is terrible!

vfoster · 24/02/2017 09:23

Same here, the PND seemed manageable in a way but the anxiety completely throws me. Mine has been particularly bad this week as I've been at home due to half term. When I'm teaching 5 classes a day it distracts my mind!
I also have a really weird way to calm myself down....I watch old episodes of Jonathan Creek ๐Ÿ˜‚ I don't know why but it actually gets me out of an anxiety attack!
Anxiousandpregnant definately try one. I love them and have bought them for all my family and friends! They have loads of different types in The Works shop and they are quite cheap in there! I've also bought a few of the mindfulness dot to dot books from Amazon. Those are great too!

123happymummy · 24/02/2017 23:01

They are good defo worth spending money on I like wordsearch books too. I totaly agree with you...if i got a week off work etc I'm worse coz i over think too much! Hopefully when baby comes I'll be too busy to care or think about it. Also feels good to talk about it. ๐Ÿ˜Š

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