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Any second timers on here who had Pre-Eclampsia first time around?

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Lunalovepud · 20/02/2017 17:18

Hi All,

As the subject says really, any second timers on here who had Pre-Eclampsia first time around?

I am PG with DC2 and am bricking it about PE.

I had PE at 36 weeks with DC1 which resulted in a traumatic final couple of weeks of pregnancy, elevated liver enzymes, traumatic birth and PND.

The closer I get to 20 weeks, the more anxious I get. I know the chances of it recurring in this pregnancy are between 1 in 2 and 1 in 6 and I am really frightened.

I am scared that I will get it again, get it early, be admitted to hospital and be separated from my little boy for days, weeks or months.

Anyone else?

OP posts:
Scrumptiouscrumpets · 20/02/2017 19:48

Hi OP, I had pre-eclampsia in my first pregnancy and delivered at 30 weeks. Second pregnancy was perfect, got to 40+4 without any problems whatsoever. I took low dose aspirin as soon as I got my BFP, which halves the risk of recurrence. What week are you? You might still be able to start low dose aspirin.
In any case, the risk of recurrence is lower for late pre-eclampsia, you developed symptoms late so chances are you will be fine. Second time pre-eclampsia is often milder if it does recur, so try to stay positive.
How long were you separated from your baby? Did he have any medical issues?

Lunalovepud · 20/02/2017 20:00

Hi scrumptious I am 16 weeks at the moment and have heard about the aspirin but wasn't advised to start it by the midwife when I went for booking in... I will ask about it at my 16 week appointment.

Fingers crossed that if I do get it, it will be mild this time! It's really good to know that the risk is lower and that PE is usually milder if it was late onset in first pregnancy... I feel reassured so thank you.

I probably didn't explain myself very well in my first post so sorry for any misunderstanding - I was with my baby the whole time after he was born - he was absolutely fine thankfully, just a bit on the small side. I am worried this time about potentially getting it again and then being admitted to hospital and being apart from him until my new baby is delivered... He will be nearly 2 when DC2 arrives (providing that I go full term) and he is very much a mummy's boy. The thought of him crying for me when I am stuck in hospital really upsets me.

I think it is the unknowns that bother me - if someone could tell me I was going to get it again, I could plan for it. I feel like it is hanging over me and every time I get a headache (like today) I am getting anxious about it and wondering if I need to get my blood pressure checked etc. I guess I just never thought it would happen to me!

I have been putting off thinking about it. Deliberately didn't think about it when TTC, then deliberately didn't think about it in the 1st trimester as it is a risky time etc... I think it has just become reality to me that this pregnancy is progressing and I am getting nearer to the risky time for PE and I can't put off thinking about it anymore!

OP posts:
Igottastartthinkingbee · 20/02/2017 20:08

Hi OP I had PE and HELLP syndrome first time round, baby delivered at 31 weeks. 2nd pregnancy was fine up until 36 weeks (when I had to stop taking low dose aspirin) when I started to get some blood pressure issues (but not PE). This continued up until delivery at 40+1 but I was monitored and medicated so carefully it was fine. All the doctors/midwives I ever spoke to were quite relaxed and reassuring. I've heard it's far less commonly in subsequent pregnancies but even if it does occur you will be fine. Just watch out for symptoms, get anything suspicious checked out and go to every scheduled appointment. Good luck.

AliceInHinterland · 20/02/2017 20:36

I think the odds in general are something like 15% recurrence if you're pregnant by the same father, higher if not. I had it first time round in labour at 38w, second time the birth was complication free at 40w. I had gestational diabetes both times and ate very well from 14 weeks second time round (along the lines of the Brewers diet), along with plenty of walking and pregnancy yoga. I have no idea whether it made any difference, but I felt I was doing all I could and that the rest was out of my control, and reminded myself that the odds were on my side. I did get very paranoid whenever I had a headache though! Like you I was worried about my first child if I had to be admitted to hospital - now is the time for your partner to spend loads of one to one bonding time with him as he will need to help after the birth anyway.

Tricycletops · 20/02/2017 21:05

I had severe PE in my first pregnancy and DD (now 3) was delivered by EMCS at 31+6. She had severe IUGR. I'm now 33 weeks and this pregnancy has been textbook - my BP has constantly been on the low end of normal and my growth scans are showing a big baby. I've been taking the aspirin since BFP. Obviously not at term yet but I do now know that I at least won't have another severely premature baby. As a PP said, you know the symptoms to look out for - don't worry about ringing up if you're concerned.

Foggymist · 20/02/2017 21:31

Did delivery cure your pre e? My bp went back up after delivery and stayed there for a few weeks and because of this I was told that my chances of getting it in a future pregnancy is higher.

Igottastartthinkingbee · 20/02/2017 21:57

foggy I was very ill for 48hrs after delivery (much worse than before delivery) and my bp took several months to settle back down fully. But I still didn't get PE in my second pregnancy (I did get some bp issues from 36 weeks onwards albeit on nothing like the severity of the first pregnancy). So I think the risks are higher but still reasonable low. And the severity is usually much lower and later on in subsequent pregnancies.

TestingTestingWonTooFree · 20/02/2017 23:38

I had HELLP first time around (probably brewing from 34 weeks, but not diagnosed until 38 weeks). Delivery EMCS under GA fixed me.

Currently at 30 weeks. Taking baby aspirin, started when I first saw the doctor. So far so good. V keen to have a ELCS though. Don't want to wait around to see if I develop complications.

Foggymist · 20/02/2017 23:41

Good to hear Igotta! I had a chemical pregnancy last week but hopefully will conceive again soon, am really hoping I won't get pre e again but am lucky that I got it quite late and not too severely. It was just all rather traumatic afterwards and would love to not get it!

MmmMalbec · 21/02/2017 07:53

I had pre e with my son from 35 weeks. I was kept in hospital and induced at 36 weeks because my BP didn't totally stabilise and I had IUGR. I've been on aspirin since 7 weeks as well.

Like you OP, I'm absolutely terrified about being stuck in hospital for so long again and DH having to use up valuable leave looking after DS whilst I can't. I'm also gutted at the prospect of being away from him for so long. But this time I'll be so consultant led and have growth scans etc so I'm hoping it won't be panic stations like it was last time.

It's reassuring to hear people didn't have it in their second pregnancies or much later if they did.

Lunalovepud · 21/02/2017 11:21

Hi All,

Ao reassuring to hear that the risk is lower second time around and that so many people have managed to dodge PE completely the second time!

I am waiting to see a consultant but like Testing I will be pushing for an ELCS this time - I had an EMCS last time because of the PE and I don't want to wait around for PE to happen to me this time!

My PE did resolve after delivery although it took a good few days for my blood pressure to come down to a level whereby they would let me go home...

The ideal would obviously be that I don't get it this time or have a section before it gets too bad. If I do get it again, I just hope that it is late on and that I don't need to spend too much time in hospital away from my son. I think I am more worried about him than anything else at the moment!

I will definitely ask about aspirin at my next midwife appointment - anything that could help possibly fend PE off has got to be worth a try.

Thanks everyone and good luck with everything!

OP posts:
Igottastartthinkingbee · 21/02/2017 15:06

Hi luna you could always go to your gp to request low dose aspirin rather than wait for your next midwife app (unless that is in the next few days). I was advised to take it as soon as I knew I was pregnant. I think it's something to do with increasing blood flow to the placenta which can become restricted with PE/bp issues. So if you've a while till your next midwife app I'd just go to the gp to request/discuss aspirin. Hope all goes well.

jimijack · 21/02/2017 15:09

Hi, I had it with both babies, have to say it was so well managed and intervention for a section at 36 weeks with both was fine.

I felt better prepared with number 2, not as frightened as I knew everything was going to be fine.

jimijack · 21/02/2017 15:13

Bp took a few weeks to return to normal, both babies were around the 5lb Mark, but soon caught up.
In fact my first PE IUGR baby is nearly 14, taller than me and emptying my fridge right now on half term from school. Hope that makes you feel better op!

LBOCS2 · 21/02/2017 15:29

I had PE with DD1, diagnosed at 36 weeks, an overnight stay at around 37, and a very medicalised induction at 38+1.

With DD2 I saw a consultant at 16wks (because of the history) and she put me straight onto low dose aspirin until I was 34 weeks. I had extra BP and urine monitoring towards the end of my pregnancy (weekly instead of fortnightly for the last 8ish weeks) but everything progressed smoothly and I had a spontaneous water birth at 41+0.

Lunalovepud · 22/02/2017 10:54

Hi all, just went to see GP and she told me she can't make a decision on aspirin, referred me to the midwife and when I explained I wasn't seeing the midwife until nearly 18 weeks as there are no available appointments at 16 weeks, she said I'd need to speak to a consultant. My consultant appointment is in April.

Apparently, aspirin should have been discussed with me at my pre-pregnancy counselling (wtf?!) which I have never heard of.

She is going to refer me to the consultant tonight so I think that's pretty much that... I imagine what will happen is that the hospital will get my referral, will see that I am already under a consultant and bin the letter. There is no way a consultant is going to see me to make a decision on whether or not I should be taking aspirin!

She did give me plenty of information about PE though, symptoms etc... You know - just on case I'd forgotten from the TIME WHEN I HAD IT. And she did my BP. Which surprisingly after this frustrating conversation was absolutely fine. 😉

Did you ladies who were on aspirin get it prescribed by a consultant?

OP posts:
Scrumptiouscrumpets · 22/02/2017 11:09

I went to see a consultant before my second pregnancy and he told me to start aspirin as soon as I tested positive. It's an over the counter drug so no prescription needed. If you don't have any medical issues that mean you can't take aspirin, there is no reason why you should not take it, it's safe to use in pregnancy. You can look up scientific papers for yourself if you don't feel sure what to do. I can understand that you would like a consultant's okay before you start taking medication, but personally I would not want to lose any time on such an important issue.
Also, look up the Brewer's diet (which I followed too as did a pp).

Lunalovepud · 22/02/2017 11:46

I called my midwife and she said I needed to see a GP as I should be taking baby aspirin but she can't obviously prescribe it - a doctor needs to prescribe it... She wasn't complimentary about the GPs decision and referral. Wink

I think I am just going to get some and start taking it - I would prefer to actually speak to someone about it and get it in my notes etc but it looks like that may be a time consuming process.

OP posts:
LBOCS2 · 22/02/2017 11:53

Have you tried calling your consultant's secretary? I've found that that's often a good way to bypass a lot of the pillar-to-post and you may get a verbal ok from the consultant.

If I was going to do it again I would take the aspirin from the positive test, personally :)

Scrumptiouscrumpets · 22/02/2017 12:02

Sounds like a good plan op. It's a very safe drug and has been studied extensively in pregnancy, you really don't need to worry about it harming the baby. Just saying in case you are worrying about it having negative effects. The placenta has a major growth spurt at 18-20 weeks so starting now would be just in time!

Roomba · 22/02/2017 12:10

I'm not pregnant now, but just to reassure you I had severe PE first time round and it didn't happen again with my second.

I did take low dose aspirin from as soon as I found out, the midwife said that was fine when I told her I was taking it at my first appointment. My consultant then prescribed it later on. I don't know if the aspirin helped, or whether it was just because it was my second baby with the same father that meant the PE didn't return (far less likely to occur in second pregnancies with same father for some reason). My ex did get a bit pissed off with midwives constantly asking if it was the same father this time at every appointment. I know there's a medical reason for asking but it really would have made some blokes paranoid how often they asked!

Igottastartthinkingbee · 22/02/2017 13:57

I'm amazed your GP has been so reluctant, surely they have your notes from previous prep follow ups? And therefore know you are a higher risk pregnancy this time. Can you get the midwife to contact the gp?

I went to see a consultant before getting pregnant the second time because I was scared of doing it again. And I wanted to discuss all the risks and likelihood of it happening again. She was so relaxed about it she convinced me it would be fine. She wrote to my gp with her assessment of my case and did a plan of action when/if I got pregnant again. So obviously that made things easier to get aspirin prescribed.

TestingTestingWonTooFree · 22/02/2017 20:38

I'd hang on to the consultant referral anyway op as it might be an opportunity for you to state your case for ELCS at an earlier stage. Hadn't particularly helped me, but at least it'll be in my notes that I've consistently wanted it from the outset when we actually talk about it at 36 weeks.

Braceybracegirl · 22/02/2017 20:39

I had it first time and had baby at 31 weeks. Second time I took aspirin and baby came at 41 weeks!

Lunalovepud · 23/02/2017 09:36

Hi All,

Yep - will be hanging on to the consultant referral... I am going for an ELCS this time following CS last time... I am hoping I will get it without too much of a fight seeing as I had one last time and the trauma of the birth last time caused me loads of problems...

I have got my aspirin and I am starting them today - I am sure they can update my notes at my next midwife appointment and with the placenta growth spurt at 18 weeks just around the corner I don't want to waste any time!

Thanks very much all for your reassurance and advice - I am feeling loads better now and much more positive about the rest of my pregnancy... I feel more in control now as I am actually doing something to prevent PE as opposed to waiting for it to maybe happen again.

Thank you all and good luck to everyone who is currently expecting. Smile

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