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Care work maternity.

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beck3001 · 15/02/2017 00:21

So, I just wondered when women who work in care took their maternity?
As it's quite hard work moving around constantly I just need an idea of when I should think about starting it.
First pregnancy so no idea how I will feel when I'm fat and impatient haha!

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DamnShesaSexyChick · 15/02/2017 01:19

I work in care and worked until 36 weeks, I managed ok don't think I could have gone on much longer

Happygojo86 · 15/02/2017 07:29

I work as a HCA in a hospital and finished at 36 weeks. For the last few weeks I only did short shifts (6 hours) and worked in 'doubles' as with singles getting to the floor to help with slippers and getting knickers on and off etc was difficult. Rolling bed bound patients was absolutely fine though

Mummyme87 · 15/02/2017 08:08

Work as a midwife and worked until 37/40

crazypenguinlady · 15/02/2017 08:16

I worked in home care and started maternity leave at 35 weeks but I was having back issues so the constant up/down, bending, etc, plus getting in and out of car/driving between clients was taking is toll on me. I'm now 39 weeks and waiting any day for baby to turn up. Definitely made the right decision.

HopeAndJoy16 · 15/02/2017 08:44

I currently work in a hospital, I'm planning on finishing at 35 weeks. I'm 31 weeks and started getting PGP/SPD at 26 weeks from running around the ward, so think 35 will be my limit! When my manager first asked me how long I was planning on working to i said term? And she laughed! I'll be glad for the rest xx

beck3001 · 15/02/2017 14:40

Thank you for all your advice.
I think I may put in for 36 weeks and I only have to give two weeks notice for holiday so maybe save a week or so for before hand just in case! I work with all singles as they don't allow me to do doubles due to the size of out bed bound residents!
Hopefully it won't be too hard and stressful!
Thanks ladies!

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