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When were you all induced?

18 replies

user1481490957 · 14/02/2017 23:18

Hi all, pretty much sums it up in the title. How many days overdue were you before being induced? What were your experiences? Smile

OP posts:
Justmuddlingalong · 14/02/2017 23:23

DS1 40+11, DS2 40+9, DS3 40+11. All straightforward pessary inductions. All big babies, all healthy if slightly wrinkly.

KittyConCarne · 15/02/2017 00:14

DD1 40+10- declined sweeps, waters naturally broke on induction morning but no contractions appeared, pessary induction, syntocinon drip, lovely quick labour with gas & air, couple of stitches, home 24hours later with lovely babby.

DD2 40+13- declined sweeps, induction initial monitoring showed baby erratic heartbeat, waters manually broken and showed meconium, induction abandoned, emcs which was fast but painless, home 48 hours later with loud but squishy babby, took a few weeks to recover.

Despite the two different experiences, I did like being induced.
It was nice to have a definete date to work towards- we were able to plan childcare for DSC and later DD1, we didn't have any mad middle of the night dashes to the hospital, and I loved the fact that I didn't experience any pain at home at all until I was actually in the hospital with a variety of drugs on tap if I required them Smile

elliejjtiny · 15/02/2017 00:35

36+5. Total disaster for a number of reasons. I've heard it works a lot better if you're overdue and on the cusp of going into labour anyway.

Well, not total disaster because I am still here and have a healthy 2.5 year old but it didn't work, baby was born by crash section and we were in hospital for over a week afterwards.

BillyButtfuck · 15/02/2017 00:38

36+6 with twins was 1cm dilated before first pessary went in. Didn't work 28 hours later they managed to break my waters as was still just at 1cm. 21 hours of active labour got me to 9cm and then had an emergency section which was all fine.
Labour was manageable, and all in all I feel I have a positive birth experience.

Bellyrub1980 · 15/02/2017 00:43


Bellyrub1980 · 15/02/2017 00:47

Oh experiences....

Went into latent phase of labour at 40+12.... 2 x sweeps did nothing. 40+15 pessary dilated me from 2cm to 5cm. 12 hours later with hormone drip baby was born. Act of pushing no problems at all.

My only issue with the whole labour was the slowness of it all and no sleep for 3 days prior to baby arriving. I really think I should have been induced sooner.

Zoflorabore · 15/02/2017 00:48

With ds, 37 weeks on the dot as I had pre eclampsia and was in hospital for 7 weeks before he was born.
Took 81 hours from start to finish, was horrendous.

8 years later I had dd ( almost put off for life after ds )
Waters broke on 11th Feb at 37 weeks, had 2 sweeps that week as I couldn't walk due to severe sciatica that I've had for 12 yrs, nothing happened, had to go back in on 13th Feb to be induced, dreading another 3/4 day labour, started at 1pm, dd was born just after 3am on 14th Feb on our anniversary and was 6 yesterday, my valentine's baby.
Goes to show that no two inductions are the same and even stranger was the same midwife delivered both dc, born 8 years apart in different hospitals!

MooMooTheFirst · 15/02/2017 00:51

40+12, pessary put in at midday, moved to a labour room with gas and air at midnight, three fucking failed epidurals, gas and air didn't fucking work but diamorphine offered blissful relief for an hour. Finally went from 4cm to fully dilated and pushing in 40 minutes at 8am ish and pushed DS out in 20 minutes! Very quick Labour with minimal syntocin (?) DS was 7lb 4 too so not particularly big. I was expecting a ten pounder thanks to being told he was massive at an earlier scan and him being nearly a fortnight over due!

Bellyrub1980 · 15/02/2017 01:00

moomoo mine was the same weight and I was told (based on a scan just a few days before delivery) that she would unlikely be over 6lb! Go figure!!

DuggeeHugs · 15/02/2017 06:22

39+2 due to severe high blood pressure. Made it to 4cm at one point during latent labour (day 3) before closing up again. Ended up with a wonderful EMCS after 5 days - total 8 days in hospital. Take entertainment, drinks, snacks and your best 'calm but firm' voice in case you need to say no at any point!

ExpectoPatronummmm · 15/02/2017 06:53

Sweep at 41 weeks (did nothing)

Induction at 41+5 was supposed to be the peasant but instead heh just broke my waters and it all started from there
Born 4 hours later

MissAdaSmith · 15/02/2017 06:58

DC1: 40+1- 7h labour. no build up but I went from being not in labour to being in full blown labour very quickly.

DC2 (born 15 days late) - no induction. I wanted to avoid another one and went for "watchful waiting" instead.

SnugglyBedSocks · 15/02/2017 07:14

Due day for both deliveries.

Ds1 was large for date's and my BP was starting to rise. 8hr labour from start to finish.

Ds2 was breech and had finally turned so they started me off incase he decided to flip round again. Labour 2.5hrs start to finish.

TheLegendOfBeans · 15/02/2017 07:18

41+4 they started with the pessaries

Not one of the three worked.

I'd have been dripped (syncotocin) if the junior doctors weren't on strike so EMCS it was at 41+6.

I was delighted!

SkiBike007 · 15/02/2017 07:25

40+15 after two sweeps, 2 pessaries nothing happened,theycouldn't break waters, so had emcs and baby was fine.

Second I had planned csec at 39+2 much better experience

minijoeyjojo · 15/02/2017 07:35

40+14 for me, just the press are to start things off but labour was quite long as my DD was back to back.

toomuchtimereadingthreads2016 · 15/02/2017 08:39

Almost two weeks after due date... and she took three days to be born x

EmeraldIsle86 · 15/02/2017 14:54

12 days overdue with ds2. Had the pessary in at 12.30pm. Had lunch and a nap, feeling fine for ages. At around 7pm I had a couple of twinges, very mild period pains. By 8pm I was in labour and had a show but was still walking round and the pain was still just like (strong) period pains. At 8.30pm I was starting to get more uncomfortable so asked for gas and air and I was 6cm dilated so they sent me up to labour ward.

Went from 6cm at 8.30pm to 10cm at 9.05pm...four pushes and ds2 was born.

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