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Can i ask for earlier elcs due to spd and also anxiety over babies health

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InsaneMummyOfThree · 06/02/2017 20:49

Hello again ladies, you will all be getting fed up of me. I'm here on the forum because since I found out I was pregnant iv been really anxious. My ds was born with a medical condition and since then I feel like we pushed our luck on the baby making front and am convinced that his problems are the start of something going seriously wrong. We always wanted 4 children but after his birth (he's number 3) I said we should be greatful for the dc's we already got and no more. Anyway I'm now 30 weeks pregnant (after not being as careful as we should) with number 4 and have a horrible feeling something is going to go seriously wrong. Iv already been in to be monitored due to reduced movements a few weeks ago, my bump is quite small and I just can't shake the feeling that something is wrong with the baby. On top of this I have been suffering with spd since 18 weeks and I am utterly fed up of being in pain and Unable to move. I can't bend, walk or get in n out of the bath. Iv never felt like this so early on, always worked up till 35/36 weeks but my God I'm fed up. I'm due for a planned section at 39+ weeks. Sooooo my question is, could I request an earlier section date due to spd pain and anxiety over babies health (even though it's unfounded) ???

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Spotsondots · 09/02/2017 18:08

Sorry to hear you are struggling OP.

An elective section earlier than 39 weeks carries greater risks to your baby's health, particularly their lung maturity. This can result in breathing difficulties and potentially an admission to NICU at delivery. This is why generally they are done at 39 weeks plus. You should receive steroids if your baby is delivered by CS before 39 weeks (see RCOG guidelines). You could ask but I am not sure they would necessarily agree due to the increased risk to baby's health.

InsaneMummyOfThree · 14/02/2017 21:37

Hi, thank you for replying to my post, Id given up on it to be honest. I'm still feeling really anxious over baby and keep worrying about movements. I understand about babies lungs being immature and would never want to put my baby at risk. I'm under consultant care and originally wanted to try a vba3c so this is not something that I have taken lightly or say flippantly. I am so desperate for the pain to be gone, as it is absolutely crippling especially with three other little ones to look after. Also I am just desperate for the baby to be out as the anxiety over the babies health gets worse by the day. I'm worried that we are going to lose this little one and just can't shake this awful dread I have. I have a 31 week appointment with the mw tomorrow so I am going to mention it all to her. Thanks again, just the support I needed. X

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InsaneMummyOfThree · 18/02/2017 23:11

So I went to my 31 week appointment and she asked how I felt. Told her that babies movement were still quiet and I assume it's just going to be a quiet baby. She said how I felt about it and I said I was still anxious as I felt there may be a problem. She advised that I go to get checked at pregnancy unit so I did. While there they measured bump and I was measuring 4 weeks ahead of dates. They booked me for a growth scan and turns out I have polyhydramnios. Already had a GTT which came back normal so now I'm panicking even more. Anyone have experience of polyhydramnios??

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