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Shampoos and essential oils

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LeonieH · 04/02/2017 21:06

I have read that essential oils can be harmful in pregnancy and it is best to take advice before using any. Im 23 weeks pregnant and I'm suffering from eczema and also am really sensitive to smells and today bought a bottle of Simple shampoo (from the Simple skincare brand), I've used it and then later read the label and see it contains two oils - listed below - which google tells me are geranium and roman chamomile. Google has provided different conclusions as to whether these oils are safe in pregnancy but surely in a brand shampoo like this it would not be a risk?

I'm a bit worried as I've used it but then the more logical part of my brain thinks surely if it was dangerous it would say don't use in pregnancy etc. Any thoughts? I'm sure most people wouldn't even read the label!

Aquaa, Sodium Laureth Sulfatee,Cocamide DEAA, Sodium Chloridee,Cocamidopropyl Betainee,Disodium Laureth Sulfosuccinatee,Panthenoll, Glycerinn, Citric Acidd,Sodium Hydroxymethylglycinatee,Tetrasodium EDTAA, Dipropylene Glycoll,Anthemis Nobilis Oill,Pelargonium Graveolens Oill,Potassium Sorbatee, Sodium Hydroxidee

OP posts:
user1468957349 · 04/02/2017 21:27

The amount used in the shampoo would be so tiny it would make no difference regardless. Don't worry x

GreedyDuck · 05/02/2017 08:26

Ingredients are listed in order of amount, so there are minuscule amounts of oil in that shampoo. You are using it on your hair. It will not harm your baby.

If you are slathering oils on your skin and inhaling them deeply, that's when you need to dial it back.

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