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Warning about using LoveSpace through mothercare

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user1486030048 · 02/02/2017 10:31

This is a warning to all prospective parents and anyone else who may be tempted to use the storage facility offered by the company LoveSpace through Mothercare.
We were sold this as when I was around 20 weeks we found the pram/travel system that we really liked and it was "on offer", ie buy the pram and get the free car seat. Worried that this deal wouldn't be available when we were ready to buy the pram and on suggestion of the mothercare staff we signed up for LoveSpace. We were told that it would be £9.95 per month for unlimited storage and free delivery. I really wish we'd looked into this a bit more.
I'm now 34 weeks and want the carseat at home for when baby makes an entrance. Having attempted to book our "free" delivery I noted that we had an 'unpaid' charge on our account, which when looking into it I noted that a direct debit had been taken last month for £35 and our usual direct debit for £9.95 hadn't been collected as for some reason the company had attempted to take this from a card that had been cancelled, with the £35 payment having been collected from the newer card that we had set up.
Having rung LoveSpace they proceeded to tell me that the deal with mothercare only lasted for 3 months and that after this you have to pay their standard prices, including £10 delivery costs. Not something that was ever mentioned by the staff at mothercare. I immediately requested the items to be delivered, partly to have here and partly to avoid any further £35 costs. But of course I have had to pay £10 for delivery.
Then on the morning of the delivery I received a message from DPD courier company to say that they hadn't received the parcels. Spoke with LoveSpace again who rang me back to say that it wasn't collected and therefore wouldn't be delivered today and would reschedule. Thank goodness I have stopped working otherwise this would have been difficult and I'm just hoping that LO stays put until the carseat arrives. I have spoken with both mothercare and LoveSpace and neither could offer anything more than a half hearted apology. Please really do consider if you do need this service and research into it I would hate for anyone else to go through this!

OP posts:
Floggingmolly · 02/02/2017 10:37

What is it? They charge £35 per month to store your buggy if you want to buy it early?? Confused

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