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Possibly pregnant and shitting myself

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Helpmeplease12345 · 29/01/2017 12:52

I had a c section 3 weeks third and last child. Still bleeding but not heavily. Haven't yet sorted out contraception but we had sex (kind of) he pulled out and (sorry for the extra info) and came outside of me but was definitely inside for a few seconds. I am exclusively breastfeeding and as the title says shitting myself. Could I be pregnant?

OP posts:
Mummamayhem · 29/01/2017 12:56

Perhaps you get pregnant very easily but it would seem a bit unfair to from this imo! (Obviously you'll not know for 2 week take a test blah blah)

PotteringAlong · 29/01/2017 12:58

Yes, you could. Don't want to get pregnant, don't have unprotected sex!

Pinkheart5915 · 29/01/2017 12:59

Mine are 11 months apart (it was planned that way)

Yes if you've had unprotected sex of course you could be pregnant! Only way is to wait and take a test

SparkleShinyGlitter · 29/01/2017 13:01

Yes if you've had unproctected sex of course you can be pregnant.

Your have to wait to take a test. And of negative sort some contraception so this doesn't happen again

Helpmeplease12345 · 29/01/2017 13:14

Even though he definitely ejaculated outside?

OP posts:
Chelazla · 29/01/2017 13:18

Mine also 11 month apart,must have been first or second time after dd was born. Has anything else made you suspect you could be

mayhew · 29/01/2017 13:20

It's extremely unlikely that you have ovulated within 4 weeks. Test though soon.

LemonyFresh · 29/01/2017 13:24

Even though he definitely ejaculated outside?

Have you ever heard of pre cum?! Hmm

PotteringAlong · 29/01/2017 13:38

Yes! Sperm doesn't just appear as if by magic once someone has ejaculated! It's there before hand too...!

monkeyfacegrace · 29/01/2017 13:43

I really wouldn't worry.

I've been using withdrawal for over a decade, and the 4 times I've been TTC I was pregnant first month every time.

You could be pregnant. But chances are remote. As in, so remote I wouldn't give it a second thought.

Helpmeplease12345 · 29/01/2017 13:51

If I can arrange to get a coil fit this week are there any risks to that? We had sex today so a pregnancy test wouldn't show as positive yet which the nurse would do

OP posts:
Kelsey28 · 29/01/2017 13:52

I've been using withdrawal method for 5 years and there is a baby in my tummy right now that proves it doesn't work. Though saying that it "worked" for 4 and a half years up until that point Shock

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