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What on earth is going on with my body?!

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willowsamantha · 27/01/2017 10:16

I had my implant out early december due to constantly bleeding.
I've had one period since December 26th for 5 days.
I didn't go on any contraception afterwards do to my doctor wanting my cycle to sort itself out as it's been hectic for the past 4 years!
For the past week/2 weeks I've had heavy and sore boobs, I've also had pretty horrible cramps at night time, feels as if my tummy is stretching but tightening at the same time. I have also not had my period this month (was due on 26th).
As my cycle was so irregular beforehand I'm not entirely concerned about the late period..
I also had a boyfriend up until this week (he turned violent so I left him) so there is a chance I could be pregnant, but the cramps I am extremely concerned about. My whole pelvic area went numb last night during the cramps! anyone else had this? or could give me some clues as to what it could be before I go to the doctors?

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user1480264544 · 27/01/2017 16:51

I'm not too sure, I would maybe see your gp! I had my implant out in June 2014 .. in February 2015 i found out I was 26 weeks pregnant!! All of the symptoms I were having seemed the same as to be expected after removing the implant! Take a test to be sure if you haven't already just don't ignore it otherwise you could end up like me! Best thing that ever happened BUT a bit of notice would of been nice!! Good luck Flowers x

user1480264544 · 27/01/2017 16:53

Plus may I add .. camps in early pregnancy are fairly normal .. I'm currently 14 weeks pregnant and often get cramps! So much goes on with your body if your pregnant but I would definitely suggest a test and maybe a trip to see the gp x

willowsamantha · 08/03/2017 13:05

user1480264544 - Turns out I'm pregnant!! I hope all is well with you x

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user1480264544 · 08/03/2017 14:35

Oh wow big congratulations! Atleast you know! It's so hard after coming off contraception to know what's going on with your body! Hence why I didn't know I was pregnant for 6 months! Lol all is well found out I'm expecting another baby girl this time and couldn't be happier!! All the best xx

user1485963128 · 08/03/2017 14:36

Aww the great, congratulations!!

willowsamantha · 08/03/2017 14:55

I didn't believe it at first, my body is usually having some sort of issue so I didn't click!
Wow 6 months! Congratulations!
Thankyou both xx

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