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Please help me? Early pregnancy bleeding?

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Ourbabby · 26/01/2017 17:48

Hey everyone I'm new here. Im so sorry if this is TMI I'm just so desperate for advice. I am 6 weeks pregnant and at the weekend experienced quite a small amount of pinkish brown discharge. I ended up in the hospital where I had an examination and an internal ultrasound. I got to see baby's heartbeat and they said everything looked fine, they couldn't see where the blood had come from. Well I went home and my mind was settled but since then the bleeding has carried on. I was told only to go back to hospital if I was filling up sanitary towels with blood. This is not the case as it is only there when I wipe. On one occasion I went to have a wee and noticed a snotty piece of mucus in the bottom of the toilet bowl which I would describe as pinkish brownish in colour. This did happen a few hours after i had an orgasm so could this be linked? I feel slightly crampy around my uterus area but nothing that could be classed as a pain, its so mild. Can anyone offer any advice cos I feel like I'm losing my mind. I really want this baby to be healthy and I want to be happy butt I'm just too stressed.

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Gingerbreadmam · 26/01/2017 17:56

I'm in the same sort of boat. The good things is you have seen a hb so i.would cling onto that

For now, take it easy, i would stop dtd and rest up for a few days and see what happens. I know it's difficult but that's all you can do.

Im 7+5 started with pink / brown spotting last saturday. Eased off.a bit then come.back.then eased off then come back.and for the last two days like the start of a period. Lots of stringy brown and black clots and even some red. I wont know the outcome until Monday. Just have to hope for the best.

harleysmammy · 26/01/2017 20:30

I bled from 8 weeks till 16 weeks and went in a good 6 times. Every doctor i saw told me if your bleeding, dont have sex. Kind of like when your having a period, you wouldnt have sex, it will only make you bleed more. I had cramps and bleeding and im now 26 weeks, they found at my 16 week scan that i had a bit of old blood in my stomach (i actually only heard i had dried blood, i dont know where in my stomach) and they said it literally didnt matter, i might just get brown discharge. They didnt even tell me i had it it was that insignificant, she just told the person writing in my notes and because i heard blood, i asked her. Otherwise i wouldnt have known, maybe its that or i also had a thing on my cervix (again no idea) and the doctor said that was harmless and common but could cause some pinkish bleeding. They said not to worry unless its bright red and period like x

user1481800358 · 26/01/2017 20:39

I had the same thing at the same time as you and it did eventually stop after 2 weeks. Sometimes it just happens...I know that isn't helpful but that is what I was told by Doctors/Nurses. The main thing is you have had a scan and everything was ok.

I would definitely avoid sex because you should avoid this if you are bleeding as you will make irration worse. Try to also get bed rest if possible as that massively helped.

MouseLove · 26/01/2017 21:47

When you orgasm your uterus contracts and releases. The "snot" you probably found was a mix of your spotting and probably cum, sorry to use that word. But you can get cramps too so don't worry. It's just your body doing what it needs to do.

It seems that your bleeding is under control and the drs are happy. And you saw everything was fine with baby. I would probably leave off having sex/orgasming for a few weeks until you stop spotting and your body has calmed. X

Sherbert38 · 27/01/2017 02:11

I had some dark brown bleeding at around 6 weeks. It passed after a few days and I'm now 38 weeks. Doctors advised it was probably just old blood. I did avoid sex for a week or so after just to keep my mind at rest.

Wish you all the best for your pregnancy. x

AppleMagic · 27/01/2017 02:18

Agree with the others. It could be a small subchorionic haematoma (which are very common and mostly harmless). It's a little bleed (usually somewhere near the placenta). The blood can pool in your uterus and when you orgasm (or strenuous exercise etc) it can find its way out. If it doesn't come out it can be reabsorbed. I've had them in two out of three pregnancies with much more bleeding than you're experiencing and baby has been fine.

Was the baby measuring about right for dates? If so, that is also a good sign. I was having weekly scans (for an unrelated medical condition) during the pregnancy I eventually miscarried at 11 weeks and the babies growth was slower in the weeks before I miscarried.

Elllicam · 27/01/2017 03:01

I had some bleeding at 5-6 weeks too lasting about 4 days, only when I wiped. The midwife thought it was possibly an implantation bleed which took a while to come out. I'm now 38 weeks. Good luck I hope all is ok xxxxx

Coreynkayden · 27/01/2017 07:23

Im in same boat too hun i had a pinky spotting jst when i wiped im ringing today to see if i can get a early scan to see if everything is okay jst try not to stress some people do bleed it can be normal jst try relax i no its hard bt its best thing for you nd baby bean :) x

Chlo22 · 27/01/2017 10:26

I'm 5 weeks today and have got some light brown bleeding as well and have been totally freaking out about it and checking every time I go to the toilet. Totally trying not to worry but not really succeeding. I'm going to the EPU for early scan next week anyway as had a previous ectopic but when I had the bleeding this week I went to get checked. I don't have any cramping or any other symptoms so the doctor just examined my stomach and said lets keep to plan for scan next week and just come back if anything changes. I've been trying for 14 months and had a miscarriage right at the start of that so just praying that doesn't happen again. That felt very different and have read on numerous threads that brown blood is 'ok.' I've worried about actually getting a positive for so long and now I'm bloody worried about this. I've read a lot about implantation bleeding but surely that would have been and gone by now? x

Ourbabby · 27/01/2017 12:22

Thanks all for your messages. The baby was measuring at the high end of what it should be at six weeks. Nurse said it's usually between 3mm and 4mm and it was measuring at 4.2mm. The orgasm I had was actually none penatritive and was also during my sleep weirdly enough. The bleeding has actually stopped today (touch wood) and I'm feeling very nauseas as I have been which I see as a good sign. I do keep checking like crazy every hour or so but I'm less panicked now :) thanks again to you all you've put my mind at ease :) but yeah what a stressful time!

OP posts:
Ourbabby · 27/01/2017 12:23

Chlo22 - my nurse said that implantation bleeding can take a while to come out! So it could well have been that. Wishing you a healthy pregnancy:)

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