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Bras and rib pain

14 replies

Fizz190 · 25/01/2017 18:43

Hi all,

I'm really suffering and wondering if anyone's been through similar and can give me some advice!

I've always been big chested but since pregnancy I've gone from a 32G to a 34J! I'm 24 weeks now and over the past few weeks have been experiencing progressively bad rib pain when I wear a bra. At first I took it as a sign that I needed to go up a back size, but I'm now getting it regardless of what size I wear - anything even remotely tight is causing me agony!

It's got to the point where I'm dreading having to go to work as by lunchtime I'm almost in tears with pain. Adjusting my posture (and shifting my bra strap around) helps a bit but nothing relieves it entirely except for taking my bra off. And at my size going braless in public is not an option!!

Has anyone experienced this and found anything that helps? Or any similarly large chested ladies found a good bra that is supportive without feeling restrictive?

Desperate for a solution!!

Fizz x

OP posts:
drinkyourmilk · 25/01/2017 18:50

I'm well endowed too.
I'm currently in a full support wireless bra from M&S. My grandma would be embarrassed to wear it- but it does the job.
I can even wear it to bed if needs be.

mimiholls · 25/01/2017 19:36

I had this. Towards the end I used a soft nursing bra which was more like a cropped top from m&s. It wasn't very supportive but was still comfier than anything else. If you live in London Rigby and Peller do a fantastic free bra fitting service. They are so much better and more knowledgeable than any other fitters and know a lot about what's best for pregnancy and post natally.

haveacupoftea · 25/01/2017 20:36

What bra are you in at the minute? I'm in a Royce 38K but tbh it is restrictive and i'm finding it tight around the ribs now. Going to try the M&S one mentioned above in a 40K to see if it helps. It sounds like sizing might be the problem though - have you been measured?

ConvincingLiar · 25/01/2017 20:59

I'm a similar size and am mostly wearing some hideous soft cup nursing bras from Royce. I have one recently fitted under wired bra that's ok. For nights/longing I'm wearing bravissimo pyjama tops or stretchy yoga tops for a few quid from eBay.

raviolidreaming · 25/01/2017 21:16

I'm the same sizings as you - it's a nightmare, isn't it? Bra back extenders have been my absolute saviour! About a fiver for 3 in M&S and allowed me an extra couple of inches as the day went on.

I can recommend Emma Jane bras, although as I'm nearing the end now I've gone straight to nursing bras.

raviolidreaming · 25/01/2017 22:04

Oh, and since about 30-something weeks I've been wearing Mothercare's sleep nursing bras in a medium around the house. Definitely not enough support for out and about and my boobs try and escape from underneath but they're super comfy!

marriednotdead · 25/01/2017 22:38

For bras to be comfortable, the wires have to lay well against the ribs as well as the cups and band being right. Given the way your bra size and body shape change, the style that worked for you before may be very different to what you need now.

If you can get to a branch of Bravissimo, they'll have a bigger range of options than any of the department stores in that size and should be able to figure something that works for you. Sometimes a soft cup or a sports bra can help but it's not always the best solution. In all honesty, there are too many variables in breast shape to speculate on a good style without you being fitted properly.

What bra do you wear at the moment?

Pandoraalora · 25/01/2017 22:44

I'm also a similar size to you OP, I remember how awful it was I used to go to the toilet and take my bra off at work just for a few minutes of relief! I found Mataram soft cup Non wired bras the best and cheap too.

Gurraun · 26/01/2017 07:31

I had this in both my previous pregnancies and I sympathise- it was agony. My doctor said it was my ribs expanding and I'm not well endowed (but do have a narrow rib cage). I bought dozens of different bras but really all that helped was going bra less. I used a cold spray which gave some relief and might be worth a try?

kathrynelizabeth3005 · 26/01/2017 09:45

Hi Fizz!

I totally understand and feel your pain as I'm in the same situation- 36H before pregnancy and I'm not up to a K cup 😵

I've found that wearing sports bras has been a life saver! Discovered it in the first few weeks when my boobs were really painful and sensitive and have stuck with it (now 29 weeks)

Usually I have underwired bras but I've got a couple of soft sports from Bravissimo that are designed for high impact exercise so still supportive without underwire and pain!

Fizz190 · 26/01/2017 10:46

Thanks for all the replies.

Pandora I've been there with taking the bra off in the toilets at work! But then I want to cry putting it back on! I've also resorted to undoing/removing my bra for my journey home - thank goodness for winter and layers!

I gave up wires a while ago - the rapid and continual growth of my boobs (or the beasts, as I've started to call them) made me worry about digging in wires and milk ducts. But it might be worth another go now in case they're better.

My last purchases were the Royce Charlotte (dreadful - made it look like my boobs were trying to look round opposite corners!) and Panache Sophie (which is OK support/shape wise but uncomfortable even when I've tried a back extender.)

I've also got the Audrey Goddess which is really supportive but even more painful and as it has 5 hooks by back extender isn't any good.

I'm pretty sure I'm wearing the right size but getting refitted can't hurt. I am in London so bravissimo and rigby and pellar are both options (I hate shopping in real shops though!)

I might try the m&s one - I didnt know it went up to a K so that's a cheaper option than the bravissimo ones!

Haven't tried a sports bra, kathryn can you recommend one to try?

Any other ideas welcome!

Fizz x

OP posts:
bellaboo88 · 26/01/2017 13:02

Suffering here too! First pregnancy I used bra extenders but this time I've got the maternity bras out early. Unfortunately it doesn't get better, baby's bum gets under my right ribs - agony 😢 only 2 weeks left!

TheBitterBoy · 26/01/2017 13:08

I had the same problem in pregnancy and the only thing that helped was the famous Doreen bra, and in the last few weeks a breast pad between the elastic round my ribs and my skin.

kathrynelizabeth3005 · 26/01/2017 13:41

They are definitely worth a try and at the moment, Bravissimo have a £5 off event going on until Sunday.

This is the one I initially wore at the beginning of my pregnancy

And now that I'm up to a K cup, I'm wearing this one when the pain of underwire is too much!

Both have been wonderful and I'm sure that the others available on the site would be just as good if you wanted something more colourful and pretty!

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