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How much extra are you currently weighing?

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ExpectoPatronummmm · 20/01/2017 12:55

31 weeks
2 stone 7lb heavier

This seems a lot so I'm puzzled. I don't have any extra weight anywhere except the bump and everyone tells me I have a small neat bump.

Curious to hear others current weight gain...

OP posts:
AreWeThereYet000 · 20/01/2017 13:07

I'm 35+5 and I'm about 3 and a half stone up. I have a large bump and have put on quite a bit on my behind but still in a 12 maternity (so not exactly huge) I put the same on with my DS and he came out weight 5lb 13oz and I lost all the weight within about 4 months. The midwives/doctors aren't worried so I'm not x

Jane077 · 20/01/2017 13:30

I'm 31 weeks and at last check I was 71 kilos. Started at 61 kilos, so what's 10 kilos in stone and pounds? Um, 1.5 stone. Don't care that much though - have to eat lots because otherwise I feel sick. Trying to avoid sugary stuff and nosh lots of healthy savoury things, although this does mean I often have about five or six meals a day Grin

drinkyourmilk · 20/01/2017 13:31

I'm 30 weeks and 7lbs heavier. I've suffered with nausea and sickness throughout though.

HughLauriesStubble · 20/01/2017 13:37

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

showmeislands · 20/01/2017 14:03

29 weeks and 2 stone up. I was a size 8-10 before pregnancy and now in maternity 10-12. Obviously weight on the bump also on my boobs, which is fine, and definitely on my bum, hips, thighs, which I'm less happy about but ho hum. Gaining about 1lb/week at present, so hopefully won't put on more than 3/4 -1 stone more by the end.

dreamingaboutcheese · 20/01/2017 14:08

I'm not weighing myself this time round. The dr told me not to last time! It's so hard to know where it's going (unless you're eating a lot of sugar/fat). When I had DD my sac of water turned out to be huge so that explained a lot of the weight. Don't forget your placenta is really heavy too (about 1.5lb I think by the time you give birth). Anyway, try not to worry about it and think about the fact the more different types of food you eat, your baby will taste and will help them not be a fussy eater when they're older Grin

mum2be88 · 20/01/2017 14:10

I'm 37 weeks and 1.5 stone up - baby is estimated to weigh around 7lbs.

However, I was overweight to begin with and really concerned about GD so I've been extra careful the whole pregnancy!

heymammy · 20/01/2017 14:18

When pregnant with dc1 I had put on nearly four stone by 40 weeks Shock I think it was a combination of having a huge (and I mean massive) bump, I was also tiny to start with...weighed about 7 maybe 7 1/2 stone so had about a stone to put on just to be a normal weight and I really did eat like a horse Blush.

From the back you could barely tell I was pregnant but you could see me coming round a corner Grin

Helspopje · 20/01/2017 14:24

38 weeks
18kg up
Was normal weight but tall before but i reckon a good chunk is on my boobs as still wearing my usual size 10-12 bottoms but cant fit the boobs in a non matty size 10 any more

pastabest · 20/01/2017 14:30

I was 70kg at booking and at 38 weeks I'm..... 69kg Shock

I lost loads of weight in the first 4 months due to nausea, and was drinking far too much wine (a bottle a day at one point) pre-pregnancy so the weight has dropped off all over despite a diet mainly consisting of donuts for the last 8 weeks. It's really noticeable and I feel a bit self conscious about it. People don't believe I'm anywhere near my due date

I've pointed this out to midwives in case it was a concern but no one seems that bothered and my measurements are otherwise fine. It's going to be interesting to see what shape I'm in afterwards....

lifeisazebracrossing · 20/01/2017 14:42

I put on 2.5 stone when I was pregnant and, despite eating what I want (or what I can batch cook or grab in most cases), I have lost 2 stone (by 4/5 months). I'm breastfeeding so the weight has come off that way, despite eating cake lots Smile

Don't worry about it or compare to others. There's a chart you can google which shows you what weighs what and it amounts to 2 stone by the end.

buckyou · 20/01/2017 14:47

I'm nearly 38 weeks and about 2 1/4 up. Hope I don't put much more on. My bump was huge but think it's slowed down a bit. Feeling quite fat. Hate being pregnant!

MrsBellefleur · 20/01/2017 14:48

I'm just over 30 weeks and I'm 3kg up which is around 6.5lbs I think.

lexi873 · 20/01/2017 16:23

I'm 39+3 and 11 stone, was about 8 and a half pre pregnancy.
Feel the same as OP everyone says I don't look like I've put much on and my bump is all at the front, but don't forget there's everything else to consider as well extra blood, the fluid, placenta, larger breasts etc. I'm hoping to leave the hospital a stone lighter ha ha Hmm

Helspopje · 20/01/2017 16:25

Fwiw 15kg is the recommended increase for a normal bmi person of average height so i wouldn't beat yourself up

Birdlet · 20/01/2017 16:37

38 weeks, I've gained 1st 13lb. I've suffered a lot with nausea and sickness but I'm still amazed that's all I've gained - I've lived mainly on beige freezer food 🙊

LondonGirl83 · 20/01/2017 16:49

I'm 36 weeks and since I stopped losing weight I've put on about 16 pounds so just over a stone. I've stopped gaining now that I'm near the end as the baby is crushing my stomach so I can't eat much.

The baby, placenta, amniotic fluid, extra blood volume, extra breast tissue and extra fluid retention add up to around 1.5 stone. You should loose that very quickly after birth.

Everything else is extra fat stores to help you with breast feeding. The skinnier you were before pregnancy the more fat reserves you need to gain.

EpoxyResin · 20/01/2017 17:19

I'd put on 4.5 stone by 37 weeks when I had ds, and he was only 7lb 6oz. I was a size 8 before... and was again shortly after through no deliberate effort; thank you breastfeeding! I was in the habit of trusting my body to tell me when it was full and when to eat, and in pregnancy it told me to eat ALL THE FOOD.

EpoxyResin · 20/01/2017 17:21

Everything else is extra fat stores to help you with breast feeding.

I agree with this in my experience. DS quickly "found his weight percentile" after birth, and it was the 91st, so he'd have been one hungry little thing if it weren't for my massive arse!

raviolidreaming · 20/01/2017 18:24

I was 64kg at booking. At 38 weeks I'm now 80kg. People comment on how neat I am, but I feel huge and heavy!

Benby · 20/01/2017 21:35

I'm on no4 and I would be plus size and I have lost 1 stone on this pregnancy i"m 29 weeks and judging by my previous pregnancies I will stay this way till I deliver then will drop about another stone. My only pregnancy that was different was my 3rd and I lost 4 stone while pregnant I had dropped 5 dress sizes by 6 weeks after giving birth. It was my worst pregnancy I spent the whole time anxious and in and out of hospital but the baby was grand and once he was ok they didn't care about me.

badg3r · 20/01/2017 21:40

With DS I put on 12 kg till my due date them bizarrely another 2kg in the ten days he was overdue. This time round am 15 weeks and have put on 2kg so far. The weight fell off though and when DS was 1 I was 3kg lighter than before I fell pregnant, despite eating like a horse. I thank the breastfeeding!

Helbelle75 · 20/01/2017 22:39

28 weeks and 1.5 stone on. I haven'the put anything on other than bump though and all measuring perfectly.
I thought i'd be notified but I feel fine as baby is healthy.

Helbelle75 · 20/01/2017 22:40

^mortified not notified!

mowglik · 20/01/2017 23:57

I'm 31 weeks now and put on 1 stone and 5 lbs so far. Surprised it's not more as I've developed saddle thighs for the first time in my life and my arse is huge. Also tits are "&*$%$! bigger. Angry

Last time at full term I weighed 15kg more than pre preg which is about right so hoping I can keep to that this time round too

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