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John Lewis Cotbeds - any experiences?

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Vida32 · 14/01/2017 11:09

We are thinking of getting the JL Alex cot bed. Possibly also some JL nursery furniture, as they have an offer on at the moment, though we may go for Ikea instead. Does anyone have any experience of JL cots or cotbeds?

OP posts:
Fabulosososo · 14/01/2017 11:50

We have a cotbed from JL that's 2.5 years old and still going strong. DC1 used from birth & DC2 will shortly be using from birth too. We've found it easy to put up and take down and it adjusts to 3 different bed heights so that the bars are higher as they get bigger so they can't climb out. Very happy with it.

DontBuyANewMumCashmere · 14/01/2017 11:59

We've got the Rachel cot bed I think, she went in to it at 5m-ish, she's over 2 and still happily inside it, not even at bottom level yet. Sides still on, great bed I think.

Redkite10a · 14/01/2017 12:22

We have two of the JL Rachel cot bed, one for DS age almost 2 and one for DD age 2 months. We bought both 2nd hand off Ebay, and both were in excellent condition so they clearly last. I don't know about the Alex cot bed but the Rachel one is good because as well as the adjustable height base it has high sides, so it's harder for them to climb out and you can keep using it for ages on the lowest setting.

If you'd consider buying 2nd hand they are very cheap and the Rachel cot bed certainly comes up really frequently. We paid less than 20 pounds for each of ours, and they were no more than a 25 min drive away and we are out in a small village. (We obviously bought new mattresses).

kmini · 14/01/2017 13:34

Perfectly happy with ours. DS started climbing out recently, but we have just taken one side off to minimise the chance of accidents. This should last us quite a while. DS definitely not really for a child's bed, so cotbeds are ideal in my opinion.

bookworm14 · 15/01/2017 07:10

We have the Rachel for 17mo DD and very happy with it so far. As others have said, the sides are high making it difficult for them to escape! It's also nice and large.

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