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Buying stuff before 3 month safe point?

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Pinkbottletop · 12/01/2017 11:36

Did anyone buy anything before your 12 week scan?

I don't want to tempt fate but at the same time there's so many great post Christmas sale stuff I don't want to miss out on!

OP posts:
Heatherbell1978 · 12/01/2017 15:25

I waited until after the 20 wk scan with both (I'm 33 weeks with #2 now). Things like buggies you can order in advance and you will get refunded if anything happens.

sianihedgehog · 12/01/2017 15:30

I did. Miscarried first pregnancy and used the stuff for the next baby. Honestly, I'm glad I did. It brought me joy buying a couple of little things, and they've been well used.

leighdinglady · 12/01/2017 15:36

We bought a pram in the January sales and just found out at the 12 week scan the baby has Edwards and won't survive. I can't even go in the spare bedroom where the pram is all set up. Stupid purchase. My mum is coming to take it away. Hopefully we'll need to some day.
I'd wait. Sad

Snowflakes1122 · 12/01/2017 16:11


I'm so sorry Sad

Pinkbottletop · 12/01/2017 16:22

Oh leigh I'm so so sorry.

OP posts:
harleysmammy · 12/01/2017 17:39

I bought very few clothes until i was 12 weeks, even then i wish i hadn't because half of the unisex stuff i bought, i hate now. I had scans 4 times inbetween my 12 and 20 week scan so i felt more reassured but even now at 6 and a half months i havent bought the cot or the pram or anything like that. Im extremely paranoid and superstitious i guess, after my 18 week scan (had a private gender scan) i bought so many clothes and i havent stopped. Even though im paranoid and superstitious, that isnt the reason i havent bought the pram or the big things. It would have been the reason before 20 weeks, BUT where do you keep everything for the next 3/4 months? I would wait until 12 weeks, even after that be careful buying unisex because believe me, you'll want color and you'll go off the white stuff. Bad things dont happen just because you've bought something mind, whatever you want to do x

Blueskyrain · 12/01/2017 18:22

I'm 17 weeks. I bought a few bits at 10 weeks, but only after we had a private scan and heard the heartbeat. It was black Friday though, so got a couple of bargains.

I've since bought a few more bits, cot etc.

But I'm not superstitious and I'm not particularly emotional about the pregnancy. I'd hate it if anything happened now, but having a few bits won't make any difference. It depends on you, and how you'd feel if you did miscarry I think.

ElizabethM49 · 12/01/2017 18:54

I'm 25 weeks and haven't got any of the big stuff. A lot of family (both sets of grandparents and aunties) got her stuff for Christmas. I'm too superstitious to buy anything though I know people who had the full nursery set up at 18 weeks. Different people do it differently, each to their own!

Bubblysqueak · 12/01/2017 18:58

I did because there was £250 off of the pram I had my heart set on, which took the cost down to under £130. I miscarried, but the pram was already stored in the garage. I used it for both my dc after miscarriage and was glad I bought it as it has never been so cheap since.
I didn't really think about it after miscarriage and so it didn't upset me.

Difficultyear2015 · 13/01/2017 08:23

I'm nearly 20 weeks with my first and not planning on buying anything until very end and only then if 100% necessary.
Everything else can be bought gradually after birth.

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