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Amniotic sheet

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Gingerbreadmam · 11/01/2017 14:53

Hi. I just wondered if anyone has had an amniotic sheet before and if so and you had another pregnancy, did you have an amniotic sheet in the subsequent pregnancy?

I have been pregnant twice. First pregnancy was an mmc which resulted in an emergency erpc. Second pregnancy ended in stillbirth.

In my second pregnancy problems were identified with my child at the 20 week scan and an amniotic sheet was mentioned.

After doing some brief research today i found that a complete amniotic sheet has been linked to inuterine death.

I am 5+4 around 16 months after my so was stillborn and wondering if i am likely to get an amniotic sheet this time around and if so is there any treatment?

It is likely the erpc lead to the last one and i did fall pregnant again about 6 -8 weeks on from that op. This time i'm hoping my body has had a good break.

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Gingerbreadmam · 11/01/2017 19:15

Bumping just incase.

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