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Sac present but no fetal pole or yolk 8 +5 weeks

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MrsPan · 09/01/2017 13:48

So we had an early scan at 8+5 today and were told that that there was a sac but only some shadows inside it. I have had a bad feeling about the pg, especially the last 2 weeks.
This is my 3rd pg. we found out our first born was incredibly poorly at the 20 week scan and ended up tfmr which absolutely broke our hearts and world. Then our wonderful rainbow baby arrived safe and sound.
We were offered the early scan for reassurance but now we are left in a horrible state of waiting. We are being rescanned in 10 days incase my dates were wrong but I'm sure they're not. They were not hopeful and said there was bleeding around the sac and 'a lot looked wrong' but have been told to wait it out until 2nd scan but they were expecting me to mc before then.
What has upset me is how matter of fact they were. This was a much wanted pg. I keep wondering that what if there is a small chance dates were wrong etc but I hate the waiting part to be 100%
They didn't discuss what happens if I don't mc naturally. I'm really scared about what happens next whether natural or if they have to intervene.
If anyone else has experienced this and then has a positive out one I'd like to hear and equally if any experience of what happens next I would be really grateful.

OP posts:
FeelingForSnow · 09/01/2017 13:58

I am very sorry to hear what you are going through. I had a very small bleed when at 6 weeks - 9 weeks on and off.

I also found it extremely difficult that my midwife was very blunt and almost rude in saying if its a MC there is nothing to be done etc., etc.,

I know that!!! Everybody does. But even the most horrible and obvious news can be delivered in a very sensitive and polite way. I understand that they meet women with these problems very often. I still think there is no excuse to be rude and if it means you have to tell one thing over and over again then so be it.
Being nice to patients who are struggling is part of their job, I believe.

Unfortunately, this is a very common attitude and it is very sad that it is that way.

Fingers crossed for you and your family.


kwick · 10/01/2017 19:52

mrspan Flowers Thanks for sharing your experience. I got a BFP through IVF in March last. At a scan at 7 weeks they saw a sac and they think they saw a heartbeat, at the 8 week scan there was no heartbeat. I was devastated- I felt the Dr was too matter of fact, but TBH it must be pants to have to break that kind of news. I went to the EPU 2 days later - they confirmed it and the next day I had a procedure. I could not handle the physicality of the alternatives.
I did not get a period for about 10 weeks after.
I then did IVF again, then a natural IU and now after a medicated IUI, I am 5 weeks pregnant. I have my first early scan next week and I am terrified....
Not sure if this helps any but will be keeping my fingers crossed for you mrspan

MrsPan · 11/01/2017 07:38

Thank you both for your kind replies. That's wonderful news kwick I will also keep everything crossed for you and your rainbow. I'm sorry to hear you both went through dark times too. We are extremely lucky to have our rainbow, hopefully we can give her a sibling at some point. I think I'm just scared of what happens next. I've been having pains on and off but still no bleeding. I'm sick of waiting around for the mc to happen now and yet I still keep getting my hopes up that we will see an embryo next week although I know this won't be the case.
I wish you both good luck on your journeys xxx

OP posts:
GreedyDuck · 11/01/2017 10:23

Sorry this is happening to you MrsPan, I was in a similar situation just before Christmas, and the waiting is awful as you can't quite extinguish hope during that time. All of the staff at the EPU I was being treated at were lovely so I was very lucky, although I also went into it with a bit of a what will be will be attitude as I've had a previous mmc as well and am getting on a bit. It's hitting me more now tbh.

The only slight benefit of the two week wait for me, was that I'd had time to digest the news by the time I started miscarrying and the bleeding wasn't a complete shock. I had to have surgical management in the end, but it was fine. If you don't miscarry naturally, or incompletely, you will be offered medical management (pills) or and ERPC/MVA. Neither are the most pleasant things to go through in the world, but pretty quick and after the waiting I was almost relieved that side of it was over and done with to allow me to get on with grieving without the physical reminders.

Be gentle with yourself in the meantime. Flowers

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