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Uteroplacental insufficiency @ 28wks

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AimeeLeah88 · 07/01/2017 22:18

Hi I'm hoping someone can give me some advice. On Thursday I went for my 28 wk scan and was told that my baby's legs and tummy are small. I was given an emergency scan at St George's in Tooting on Friday and was told I have a uteroplacental insufficiency and that baby has "adapted". I now have to wait until the 20th for a follow up scan. My baby weighs 1lb13 at the moment which I know is tiny. I have been advised that they will monitor me and if they think the baby will do better on the outside they will induce labour. Has anyone been through anything similar to this recently. I have read through the thread on this but my baby seems to be so much smaller in weight than the babies in the thread. Thanks Aimee x

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