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Nice bits about late (late!) pregnancy

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SerialReJoiner · 30/12/2016 19:12

I need to stay positive. Am 40+3 today and already had two useless sweeps. Booked in for induction next Friday so just need to cope til then I guess, if baby doesn't make an appearance beforehand.

I was thinking about the good bits of pregnancy right now, and have come up with a few:

  1. Good skin and hair - I am not getting so greasy and have that "glow" that people tend to notice. No idea how I've managed it.

  2. Can wear leggings with absolute impunity.

  3. Obviously need seats on public transport, and actually get offered them.

  4. Leftover Christmas treats are my sole property. Hands Off.

    Anything else I'm missing??? What can i look forward to enjoying for the next six days?
OP posts:
AButterflyLightsBesideUs · 30/12/2016 19:25

The thought that it is nearly over??

Totally warranted naps at any possible opportunity.

Always can bag the comfiest seat/bit of sofa even when there are guests and not enough seats to go round.

It is acceptable to sit on your arse and be too tired to do the washing up.

FrankAndBeans · 30/12/2016 19:29

It doesn't seem like it but you'll miss it when it's gone and your body is doing something bloody amazing! Flowers Hope the evacuation begins soon.

rhuhbarb4 · 30/12/2016 19:31

You can be as moany and whingy or even bitchy as you want and get away with it!

Husband gives massages without wanting anything in return.

Not having to do as much housework because you physically cant.

Eating what you want and bit having to worry about puttin on any weight.

Not having to get 'properly' dressed you can go to the supermarket in pjs and dressing gown and no one will bat an eyelid.

AButterflyLightsBesideUs · 30/12/2016 19:34

Oh and letting it all hang out after a meal... god bless elasticated maternity clothes.

Jenijena · 30/12/2016 19:37

Lying watching your tummy wriggling, wondering what the future holds. Amazing.

theaveragewife · 30/12/2016 19:39

Getting to physically hold and provide for your baby without having to move or hear the crying Grin

oldlaundbooth · 30/12/2016 19:42

You can stuff your face with whatever food you like because let's face it, we're huge already. Another slice of carrot cake ain't gonna make no difference, honey GrinCake

stillwantrachelshair · 30/12/2016 19:48

Being able to think "I'll just pop out and get X" and just going and getting it rather than deciding if the baby needs a feed or a change or waiting or the baby to wake or thinking that of you wait 30 mins, it will fall asleep whilst you're out... of course doing any of these means the whole cycle will start again. It once took me three days to get to the post box. The oat box was 200m away!

TeddyIsaHe · 30/12/2016 19:55

38 weeks tomorrow, I'm loving being able to eat ridiculous amounts and not worrying about breathing in. Will miss having a belly that is baby and not entirely made of cheese.
People being kind and interested in the street, had so many lovely encounters when I really started to show, and have enjoyed chatting to people I would never talk to, all because they love the bump!
The end is in sight... with my hideous heartburn that may be my favourite thing ever. Max 4 weeks to go, and I'm not going to miss waking up in the night gagging because of stomach acid.

TerriB84 · 30/12/2016 22:06

Being warm! I'm usually one of those people who feel the cold really easily and have enjoyed having my own personal heater keeping me toasty.

Christmasbaby16 · 01/01/2017 16:40

Enjoy your last week,such a special time

Wonderflonium · 01/01/2017 18:26

The wiggly feeling when the baby moves around to get comfy and the hiccups.
The feeling of "oneness" and calm that (occasionally) descends. Related: Being loved up with your partner.
The burst of energy for nesting.
Being at the absolute top of your game as a parent, we will never be better as in our heads right now(!) ;)

Beewhisperer · 01/01/2017 18:28

Naps whenever and wherever you like. I was up to three a day when I was overdue.

PeachBellini123 · 01/01/2017 18:37

40+4 here.

Eating whatever I want as it's not going to make much of a difference now.

Having the best excuse possible not to cook/do housework Wink

Having lie-ins and watching movies. No one's going to call me lazy.

I agree with people being interested in the bump: making small talk to people who seem to love my bump. Very sweet.

SerialReJoiner · 01/01/2017 19:03

Some lovely ladies kept complimenting me today, saying how I was glowing and had hardly put on any weight "all bump!"

This has out paid to my NY resolution to cut back on sugary treats, I can tell you. ;) May as well enjoy these last few days of carter blanche eating.

OP posts:
SerialReJoiner · 01/01/2017 19:03

*put paid

OP posts:
PeachBellini123 · 01/01/2017 21:19

Serial - my bump's relatively small and neat according to other people (I feel huge). So I that's my excuse for Christmas indulgence Wink

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