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I need to move this baby out from under my ribs!

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Prompto · 27/12/2016 23:16

33wks pregnant and I've never known pain like this is any of my other pregnancies. It's in my left lower ribs and it has been constant for around 3-4wks now to the point that I'm now utterly fed up and have been in years tonight over it.

Baby is breech, has been that way presumably since 20wk scan as was breech then and has been at every appointment since. Baby is firmly camped on my left side with her head in my lower ribs and her feet resting over near my right hip, she has not noticeably changed from this position in weeks confirmed by both MW palpitation and scans. Going by behaviour of two previous DC (one born breech and other breech until three days before birth) I'm not expecting her to turn any time soon.

I've tried spending fucking lots of time on all fours. I've tried a pregnancy ball. I've tried swimming. I've tried laying on my left side, my right side and my back. I've tried applying gentle pressure to the area. I've tried applying firmer pressure. I've tried pleading with my bump to please just fucking move over a little bit so that I can get at least ten minutes of bastarding respite from it. I've tried swimming. I've tried Spinning Babies.

Nothing fucking works.

I now haven't slept properly in days because if I lie on my left, the pain is worse. If I lie on my right, I get acid reflux (despite being on medication for it) and wake up suffocating on my own stomach acid. If I lie on my back, I get back spasms.

Anyone got any ideas of how to shift her? Am desperate enough to try absolutely anything so fire away.

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Wonderflonium · 27/12/2016 23:20

By "Spinning Babies" have you done that move that involves an ironing board propped up on a sofa? (I have no idea if it works)

Prompto · 27/12/2016 23:20

I've done all of the exercises recommended on spinning Sad

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PJ04JCW · 27/12/2016 23:21

I had an ECV, but you're not far enough on for that are you? I feel your pain. Reflexology? I had a pregnancy massage the day before my ECV so whether that helped turn her or not I don't know. There's something called moxibustion? but no experience of that. Hope you find something that works, I remember it not being fun at all.

PJ04JCW · 27/12/2016 23:22

Oh that ironing board thing! I slid down and banged my head! Plus it made the heartburn worse 😕

Wonderflonium · 27/12/2016 23:24


SusanTrinder · 28/12/2016 00:28

Oh God, I remember this!

The only thing that fixed it for me was an elective section. Sorry. Sad

SauvignonGrower · 28/12/2016 00:32

Yup, I remember that awful pain from a breach in a bad position on pregnancy 2. Thankfully mine did turn around 35 weeks. Yours might too x

Blueemeraldagain · 28/12/2016 00:38

I remember when my mum was pregnant with my youngest brother (he was breech too) she would lie on the floor and my dad would pick up her feet/legs and lift her into a sort of shoulder-stand (but not quite that far) to reposition him. It sounds illogical but I think the movement moved his feet towards her ribs and his head down like a see-saw?

welshwench · 28/12/2016 08:35

Hi Prompto,

I sympathise! I'm 37+1 FTM, baby is breech and since my failed ECV on Friday his head has been firmly positioned under my right rib and it is NOT comfortable. Baby obviously moved the wrong bloody way!

I would definitely try acupuncture and moxibustion, admittedly they didn't work for me (I suspect Junior is too big - gonna be a rugby player like his dad) but they did get him squirming around a LOT and it might just help you. I got 5 moxibustion candles for a fiver so nothing to lose. I used them while in the bath (beware scorch marks on the tub) and while sat watching telly. Much less painful than the ECV, which they wouldn't give me until 36+3 anyway. Hope that helps, good luck!

Prompto · 28/12/2016 08:56

Where did you get the candles from welsh?

I can't have an ECV, I'm going to be having a section anyway so in the words of my consultant "we're not worried about a breech". Never mind that I'm tearing my blooming hair out in pain. His one concession has been to bring the section forward by a week but I still need her shifted, I can't stand five more weeks of this.

blue like a wheelbarrow race sort of position? Wait until I tell DH what tonight's entertainment is Grin

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welshwench · 28/12/2016 09:20

Got mine in Paris, so not much help sorry! There's bound to be a Chinese herbalist selling them online somewhere,e or on eBay. Just saw one eBay advert but delivery was estimated for Jan 6th but pretty sure you can get them sooner than that. Otherwise call an acupuncturist, a lot of them will give you a stick or two after an appointment or at least could advise you where to get them. Try to get the smokeless ones, otherwise your neighbours will think you've been smoking weed. Good luck!

gamerchick · 28/12/2016 09:22

Pack of frozen peas?

Prompto · 28/12/2016 10:41

I have frozen least that I bought and forgot to put on the Christmas dinner. Tell me more gamer....

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Prompto · 28/12/2016 10:41


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NeverAShadowOfDoubt · 28/12/2016 11:03

Just to say I feel your pain @Prompto . I'm 33 5 with breech twins and holy fuck it is agony. Baby b always been breech but baby a was head down until around 25 weeks and has been head up ever since. The pain! Everything hurts, front and back. And the skin on top of bump is soooooo sore too, can barely bear to dab any cream on it. Feels like my ribs are poking through the skin. I've been alternating warm water bottle and ice pack wrapped in a towel on ribs as best I can but I aren't sure whether they actually help or whether its simply a distraction. I dread bedtime, the nights are soooo long and im in tears sobbing on DP most nights. Its relentless. Im booked a elcs on 3rd Jan for other reasons so at least the end is in sight. Have no other advice that hasn't been said but just sending sympathy/encouragement
delete as appropriate--

Blueemeraldagain · 28/12/2016 12:46

Prompto: Grin she would lie on her back but you can try any way! The second from left image is the closest I can find to what she used to do. In reality she was less "folded" than that.

I need to move this baby out from under my ribs!
toomuchtimereadingthreads2016 · 28/12/2016 16:57

Just sending massive hugs, my DD was in my ribs for all of two days and I thought I was going to have a breakdown so please have some chocolate and whatever else you think might help you feel a bit better xxxx

gamerchick · 28/12/2016 17:00

I just wondered if laying a pack of frozen peas where the head is might get her to budge along a bit.... or you might get beat up a bit for the cold, one or the other Grin

Prompto · 28/12/2016 17:10

It's worth a shot! I'm going to get the peas out when the DC go to bed.

toomuch I have a tub of chocolate fudge Ben and Jerry's in the freezer. I have plans for some quality alone time with it very soon.

neverashadow the end is in sight! Good luck for your section. I've had two and, honestly, the thought of it is worse than the reality. Take it easy and enjoy all those newborn snuggles.

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