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Should I go to the doctors or not? Help?

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kayleighb21 · 26/12/2016 15:07

I'm 37 + 4 and I have awful painful piles for the past week! I can feel them all when I put cream on and they are interrupting my sleep and waking me up at night. I'm worried with me being so close to my due date that if I go into labour with them being this bad they might rupture or effect me pushing? Do you think I should go and see my GP or is there not much that they can do?

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Nikki2ol6 · 26/12/2016 15:42

I had this right around that time after having a giant poop, they bled also for over a week evrytime I went to the toilet there was pink blood on the paper and that was from wiping the front I didn't go near them. I put cream on repeatedly and after a week they did get better and now at almost 39wks are fully better but it was an awful time at first I was taking paracetamol every 4 hours to keep the pain at bay and it was waking me up during the night too

Solo · 26/12/2016 15:47

Fill condoms with water, tie and freeze them, then place them on the offending piles. Might take down some of the swelling.

Solo · 26/12/2016 15:48

I should say that I have not tried this but a GP advised a (male) friend to do this. He said it was wonderful!

JessicaPeach · 26/12/2016 16:00

Cooling them with ice etc is only temp relief as they hurt even more when they warm back up!

Vagisil was the best think I tried, higher concentration of the numbing stuff than in pile cream.

The dr might be able to give you something for the pain but they are part and parcel of pregnancy really. When I went for my 6 week check the dr who did it had been in theatre when I was stitched and said 'oh I remember you, we don't often see piles as bad as yours!' Wasn't sure whether to be proud or not. They really bloody hurt, I cried my eyes out over them, the pain of labour was a good distraction from them in the end Blush

kayleighb21 · 26/12/2016 16:38

Haha aww Jessica poor you! I totally sympathise they are bloody awful and so painful and I can't seem to ease it. Would never have thought of vagisil I wasn't actually sure what it was for I will buy some tomorrow! Do you think I would be wasting my time going to the GP then.. would there not be much she can do? Did you have a natural labour? I'm just worried about the pushing making them worse and or rupturing them! I would never have thought of the condom thing what a good idea lol, although I might get some strange looks from the cashier buying condoms in my condition lol!

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kayleighb21 · 26/12/2016 16:41

I've been taking paracetamol just to try and get a couple of hours relief so that I can sleep but I don't want to be taking them all the time :-( I've tired germoloids, anusol suppositories and proctosyl which is my mum's prescribed cream which I thought would help but didn't :( xx

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Youcantscaremeihavechildren · 26/12/2016 16:49

Definitely go to the gp, they gave me suppositories and a really strong painkilling cream, think it was proctosedyl after I suffered with over the counter stuff for a while. I used witch hazel on cotton wool, in a bag in the freezer, to cool and sooth. Also I took a supplement, rutin, which helped loads in reducing and preventing them. I had them terribly after the birth of ds. Couldn't sit at all. Mind you all the above the were given to me after the birth, I was breastfeeding though.

Want2bSupermum · 26/12/2016 16:56

Oh bless. You need a stool softener such as soaked prunes plus the juices in the morning (at night put 5 prunes in boiling water and let it sit overnight) and drink 4L of warm water a day with some lemon in it. Def go to the GP and get some stronger cream.

I got wickedly backed up when I was pregnant and my doctor (I'm in the US so under the care of an obn) was brilliant at helping keep piles at bay. The warm water was brilliant. She also had me doing figure 8s with my hips three times a day to try and get things moving. At night I slept in my left side at her suggestion. It helps keep the blood flowing.

Good luck! You are so so close.

Want2bSupermum · 26/12/2016 16:59

Also stop with the paracetamol. It makes you even more backed up and doesn't really help at all.

Star8181 · 26/12/2016 18:29

Yes definitely go to the GP and get some cream (the one you keep in the fridge, a PP mentioned the name). Last time I went on my due date as I was in so much pain, and the cream sorted it in 2 days just in time for labour!

kayleighb21 · 27/12/2016 20:05

Thanks everyone. I went this morning to the GP and I'm glad that I did as she gave me some prescription only suppositions and cream, which she says should help to shrink it and she put down 2 tubes in case I need it after the baby is born. Although when I went to the pharmacy they only gave me half of the prescription for the moment as they said there is a national shortage of pile treatment would you believe lol!

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