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Jenge1408 · 26/12/2016 05:11

I did did a clear blue easy pregnancy test Christmas day of all days and I have had a definite + saying I'm pregnant I haven't did any other tests bar this one but after reading reviews on clear blue I don't know whether to believe it.. I thought I may have been pregnant a couple of months ago but did 4 clear blue all neg.. am I reading to much into all of this and expect myself not to be when I actually am? ... I'm going to be booking an appointment with my doctors surgery when it opens again but any input would really help as if I am pregnant this would be my first child and first time being pregnant thanks!

OP posts:
ScarletSienna · 26/12/2016 05:53

It is far more unlikely to get an unreliable positive reading than a negative one. If in doubt, buy one that says how many weeks you are, remembering that they will tell you how many weeks from fertilisation rather than from last period. Congratulations!

ScarletSienna · 26/12/2016 05:56

You don't necessarily need a gp to confirm pregnancy. Here is what to expect care wise.

Jenge1408 · 26/12/2016 07:02

Thank you Yeah I think I'm gonna get the digital one my mind was racing because of all the reviews about false positives Blush thanks for your advice and thanks!Grin

OP posts:
ScarletSienna · 26/12/2016 07:03

People are more likely to leave a review about something that hasn't worked so you rarely get a balanced view. Good luck!

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