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'Threatened miscarriage' advice please

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LottieB30 · 23/12/2016 16:46


My husband and I went through a mmc in February this year after ttc for 11 months. We've tried since and I am now 5 weeks pregnant (yesterday) after another 10 months of treating and today have had some brown bleeding - mainly when I wee. I've seen my dr and he suggested it could be a threatened miscarriage which has obviously set huge alarm bells ringing for me. I'm terrified!

I'm booked for an early scan at 6 weeks in the EPU.

Just after any advice/experience really - my mind is spinning Sad hoping it will help me get through the Christmas period.

Tia Lx

OP posts:
newmummyagain · 23/12/2016 16:50

I don't have any advice but didn't want to read and run.

I had a mmc and had my rainbow baby this year. I really struggled to keep my anxiety at bay through the pregnancy even when everything was fine. So I know this must be so hard for you.

Just be kind to yourself, take it a day at a time. I know it can't be easy xxx

ThatUsernameIsTaken · 23/12/2016 16:53

I had this at around 10weeks when i gushed water and blood and consultant called it a threatened miscarriage. I had to go back a week later with brown bleeding and turned out i have a low lying placenta so could well be that! Good luck x

Novinosincebambino · 23/12/2016 17:15

Hi OP I had a miscarriage at 8 weeks in February and got pregnant again in august. At the exact same date I had red blood and thought the worst. Scanned and all fine, it was a blood bubble and my placenta is low also. Brown blood is usually ok as it's old blood but perhaps they are using 'threatened miscarriage' to not just dismiss it until they can scan? Try to stay positive and good luck, I hope all is well.

jpeg28 · 23/12/2016 18:44

I had this in my current pregnant and because I had a MC in March I was petrified. I bled on and off, mainly brown/slightly pink for weeks. I saw EPU at 5 week, 6 weeks and had private scan at 7 weeks. I'm now 23+3! My midwife said it's so common to have bleeding early on but because I of my MC I was so frightened. I ended up spending 3 weeks on the sofa depressed! I really hope it's the same for you and it all turns out ok!

jpeg28 · 23/12/2016 18:44

Oh also... I had excruciating pain on the left side... turned out it was a cyst which again is apparently common and maybe caused the bleeding.

BabySnores · 24/12/2016 08:30

I had a missed miscarriage, chemical pregnancy and year later then a threatened miscarriage with bleeding. My cervix turned out to be very sensitive after the mmc and erpc, I even bled during labour- I'm holding my threatened miscarriage now Smile.

I remember that horrible anxiety. All you can do is try to rest up and whatever you do don't Google loads- it only increases the anxiety. I hope everything is good op, it horrible to go through this Flowers. Remember brown bleeding isn't always bad. I had it in both longer pregnancies and it was fine in the third.

smellsofelderberries · 24/12/2016 12:34

I was going through a MMC last Christmas which had lots of bleeding, and right now I'm lying feeding my rainbow, who was also a threatened miscarriage. I had a SCH and had a massive bleed at 6+4, but she hung in there. I hope the same for you Flowers

MadisonAvenue · 24/12/2016 15:43

My threatened miscarriage is home from university and handing out orders on the drive in at McDonalds this afternoon Wink

Really hope everything is okay, OP!

LottieB30 · 24/12/2016 18:48

Thanks all for your messages, support and advice. I've just got to get to Thursday to have an early scan (6 weeks).

But no more brown blood today and only the odd niggle pain not cramps.

Have a good Christmas!


OP posts:
BabySnores · 25/12/2016 07:43

That's a good sign Smile perhaps it's just breakthrough bleeding

LottieB30 · 25/12/2016 12:34

Argh I just had some more brown blood but after a bowl movement (sorry tmi).... trying not to panic too much but it's difficult. Just going to put my feet up for the rest of the day and hope it helps x

OP posts:
sj257 · 25/12/2016 14:12

I had brown blood in my first two pregnancies, 9 weeks and 12 weeks with my first, all was ok. And 7 weeks with my second, all was ok. Fingers crossed 😔

BabySnores · 25/12/2016 23:58

If it makes you feel better, my main bleeds were after a bm. Mainly straining through constipation, my ibs played havoc and the press of faeces against my cervix (straining) caused the bleed.

DoosyFartlek · 26/12/2016 00:16

I've had Infertility and needed help. Have 4 kids now. I bled with everyone of the pregnancies at your stage and later. Some bright red spots the size of a 5p and 10p. Other heavy smears of brown blood. MWs all said brown blood was fine - old blood - what ever that meant. And my red blood was possibly implantation? Although MW's seem to think it's not common, it's happened to lots of people I know. I've also bled further into a pregnancy and that was something to do with cells that are normally inside being pushed slightly outside due to babe. Also bleeding due to exercise and sex at 8 months. And when pooing. With the early bleeding it felt a bit draggy or like someone was poking me with a pencil. Anyway, I now have 4 kids and it was really worth the wait and stress

DoosyFartlek · 26/12/2016 00:17

Yes I was also constipated at 5/6/7 weeks and bled because of that I think

littlefrenchonion · 28/12/2016 21:54

I'm 21 weeks this week (all well) but at 6 weeks we had a brown bleed. We had a trans-vaginal scan which showed a blood clot by the placenta - very common apparently and they wanted me I would bleed on and off over the next week or two (they were right), but it sorted itself out.

Fingers crossed for you that your experience is the same - I'm sure I read at the time that the chances it'll cause problems are very tiny, and because the blood was brown, the doctors seemed very unconcerned.

LottieB30 · 28/12/2016 22:23

Thanks frenchonion but my bleed turned red yesterday and I've passed clots so I am guessing the worst. I've got an appointment with the EPU in the morning so I am sure they will confirm what I think.

I appreciate all the lovely messages of support x

OP posts:
LottieB30 · 29/12/2016 11:35

Well it's confirmed I've miscarried again Sad it's been a pretty awful year experience this type of loss twice.

Here's hoping 2017 will be a better year x

OP posts:
Novinosincebambino · 29/12/2016 12:15

Lottie I'm so sorry. I was hoping for good news for you. I hope 2017 brings you everything you wish for. Look after yourself and take your time xx

knorrig · 29/12/2016 12:28

So sorry Lottie, it's such a horrible thing to go through. I had an mc in Aug 15 and then again in June 16, it's horrible and feels unbelievable that it can happen to you again.

But I am now 15 weeks pregnant and all going well...please don't give up 🌺

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