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When did your baby engage?

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user1468957349 · 18/12/2016 18:37

About 2 weeks ago my baby engaged for the first time having sat breech consistently. Last night she turned herself back round again. I'm only 33 weeks so not a huge worry at this stage but just wondering when your babies turned and at what point they stayed put?

OP posts:
JavaFee · 18/12/2016 18:45

DD1 turned at 38 weeks for the last time, DD2 at around 35 weeks and stayed put.

Heirhelp · 18/12/2016 18:47


Heirhelp · 18/12/2016 18:48

Sort that was very unhelpful and I don't want to scare you but DD nevwe engaged so I never got to stage 3 of labour so had a c section.

user1468957349 · 18/12/2016 19:10

Thanks both. Like I said I'm not really worried just curious. Midwife said she may well keep turning. Staying positive that she'll sort herself out for a nice straight forward birth Smile

OP posts:
annlee3817 · 18/12/2016 23:45

My DD was breach at my 20 week scan, then head down from 21 weeks, I had I have regular scans and she was always head down, partly engaged from 32 weeks and again didn't budge, stayed that way until I popped at 40+5

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