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Don't know what to think?

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jade2629 · 16/12/2016 16:59

Hi ladies let me give a bit of back ground
I had 2 day 5 early blasts put back on 5th December, at 8dp5dt I caved and tested and it showed and very very faint line so I tested again at 9dp and again I got a positive and it was darker but I started to bleed that evening very heavy with horrible cramps the next day (10dp5dt) I woke to no cramps but the heavy bleeding was still there I tested again and still got a bfp and now it comes to today (11dp5dt)the bleeding is starting to ease up and is not as heavy I tested this morning and I got a positive but I think it is a little bit lighter then yesterday's. I have never had this before and the nurse has told me to just keep testing till tomorrow and then I need to call them Monday and go from there any help would be much appreciated xx

Don't know what to think?
Don't know what to think?
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gigi556 · 16/12/2016 17:42

Heavy bleeding and cramping sounds like a chemical pregnancy/miscarriage to me. I had a miscarriage at 7.5 weeks in July and was told it can take 2 weeks or so to get a negative result. My negative test took less than a week but I doubt you'd get a negative in a day. It takes a while for the hormones to get out of your system.

I think the only way of knowing for sure is a negative test and/or an ultrasound. I had both.

I truly sorry if this is the case, as it's a horrible thing to go through. I would go talk to your GP. They may want to refer you to the EPU at the hospital. Some women do bleed in early pregnancy and go on to have a healthy baby.

jade2629 · 16/12/2016 17:45

Thanks for replying I am thinking chemical pregnancy but then I am also thinking maybe one of the embryos didn't implant and one did I can't get any blood work done until next week and my nurse said that there is no point in doing a scan while I'm bleeding which sucks I would have been bang on 4 weeks when I took the first test xx

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